Diaper Cake

We are expecting a nephew at the end of the year. MJ’s sister and brother-in-law, JG and HG respectively, are expecting a baby boy this December, their first. This weekend, in her hometown, a baby shower is being held for JG and Baby Boy G. Unfortunately, we are not able to attend (sad). But, I couldn’t just do nothing. So with a little bit of help from MJ and his parents, I whipped up a diaper cake centerpiece for the shower.

Just so we are clear – this cake is not edible. The diaper cake is made completely out of diapers, rolled together to form the ‘cake’ shape.

What you need:

Diapers – 1 box of diapers is sufficient. However, I used a small pack of newborns, size 1 and size 2 so JG would have a little of each early size. My layers went accordingly as well. Top layer-newborn, 2nd layer-size 1, 3rd layer-size 2.

Paper towel roll, bottle of baby soap, rolled up receiving blanket, wrapping paper tube (cut-down to size) – This is for the center support. I used a half-used roll of paper towels.

Rubber bands

Decor elements – ribbon, baby themed items like bottles, pacifiers, socks, clothespins and other items like flowers, little trucks, etc. I used a couple Christmas decorations to adorn mine.


To begin the diaper cake, lay out the diapers like below. You will be wrapping the diapers around the paper towel roll. It’s kinda tricky and requires some manuvering. An extra set of hands is helpful, no, necessary, for this part. Unless, of course, you have Shaq sized hands or a third hand of your own, then you are set.

Then just keep rolling and securing it with rubber bands.

I rolled long lines of diapers and then wrapped them with the bands as I went along. The multiple rubber bands on each layer made it more solid, in my opinion.

I was unsure how thick each layer would get with the packs of diapers I used so after wrapping some on the bottom, I moved to the middle layer and the top. I kept adding to each layer until I was satisfied with the look.

All rolled together and held secure by rubber bands. We had to tie a few together to get around the bottom layer.

Then decorate!

I tied ribbon around each layer to hide the rubber bands.

I stuck a couple of glittery things from the Christmas aisle in the top and sides.

I had a few leftover newborn diapers so I rolled them and tied them with a ribbon. They make a cute little cake too.

Done and done.

Happy Baby Shower JG!

Take care.

-amy c

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