Before We Go…

Happy Friday!

A painted tree for Baby S.

I’m beginning a new weekly segment for this glorious end-of-the-week-day. ‘Before We Go…” is a phrase the local news station uses for their last story before signing off for the night. I think it works for Fridays too.

‘Before We Go…’ will highlight:

  1. a random photo or two – though today, I’m dedicating a whole separate post to Easter pics
  2. links to check out – I can’t possibly do posts on all the cool stuff I come across.
  3. links to the posts from the week, just in case you missed them.
Sweet J taste-testing the chalk

So here it is, the first edition.

Links to check:

  • Last week, with the warmer weather, we devoured this cool dessert. Sweet J loved the topping immensely.
  • This week we’ve been loving this new recipe. It’s perfect for using up leftover Easter candy, especially when you have way too much. They are the perfect cover for re-gifting said candy back to the sweet friends who gave it without being tacky. Haha!  Thanks Cs! :)
  • Love Bug has enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with these cute friends. Mom and Dad hide them, Bug finds them.
  • Want to be see some beautiful travel pictures? Want to be green with jealousy? Check out these trip Instagram photos of a family trip to Rome. Seriously. Wish. I. Was. There.
  • Followed this tutorial to make teacups for Love Bug. I added more buttons to the base and added little handles.

Posts from the week:

Hope you have a great weekend. We are packing up our house and traveling down to Iowa to hang with my family for a couple of days. I’m so excited!!

Take care.

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