Before We Go…

I am packing again. We are doing a little traveling this weekend, just me and the little ones, as MJ is traveling the whole week! for work. I’m hoping I don’t lose my mind somewhere along the interstate. :)

I hope to post at the beginning of the week, not tutorials as much as things to check out, but we’ll see.

Are you headed somewhere this weekend?

While I tried to put away Easter decorations, the little ones had fun playing on the tub.
Morning at the park. Driving a car.

Links to check:

  • I’ve printed and taped up this summer list and got plans to get things done.
  • We are still eating this and loving it. The last time I made it, I doubled things and froze the second half. It made the meal so easy to make.
  • Sweet J loves the seasoned beans in this recipe. (Forgive the less-than-stellar pictures.)
  • These home tours are sure beautiful. Man, do I want one of them.
  • Sweet J’s Grandma, MJ’s mom, gave him the cutest little pig, horse and cow for Christmas. Anamalz are handmade, wooden, award winning toys and pigs, horses and cows are just the beginning. Love the barn!
Trying out the lawn chair.

Posts from the week:

Have wonderful weekend.

Take care.

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