Before We Go…

What a difference a year makes. :)

I’m finishing up here at the conference and ready to be home in our house. Gosh I love my own bed and the guy I share it with.

We are going to live it up for Sweet J’s birthday. By live it up I mean some cake, some singing and one candle, maybe ice cream though that might be pushing it.  Hopefully we don’t recreate this from Bug’s first birthday. Isn’t she sweet, despite the gleeful reach at the flame?

Links to check:

  • This pie was perfect for our week. Fruity, light and cool. Felt good on MJ’s macerated gums.
  • Classy couture for dolls? This site had me reminiscing about all the fun my sister and I had playing Barbies together as little ones. Oh the fun we had. (via Design Mom)
  • Mother’s Day has come and gone. I read this article the other night and shed a few tears. Being a mom is hard, infinitely so if there is a known time limit. I’m so glad to know there is a resource for mothers and families to prepare. Thank you to those who go above and beyond to help. (via A Cup of Jo)

Posts from the week:

Have a fabulous weekend.

Take care.

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