Weekend Woes

Have you ever had a weekend where you work and work and work and still, at the end, you are left with lots of things unfinished?

Yeah, me too.

My only goal this weekend was to finish the Halloween costumes and take pictures but that took a back seat to everything else. The good news is that the sewing gods were with me this morning and they are finished. After I pick Bug up from school, it’s picture time. :)

We tackled the children’s new room and, thankfully, it’s mostly complete. First there was the cleaning, then the priming, then the two coats of paint on the walls and the trim. We ripped out that horrid pink carpet and laid down a lovely neutral piece. It’s a totally different room and it’s great! Bug also spent a lot of time in various costumes.

We are in the process of putting together a loft bed for Love Bug and she can hardly wait. We arranged and rearranged the family ‘closet’ area. I love that everything is in its place however, I am a little embarrassed at our excesses.

How was your weekend? Any fun Halloween parties? Maybe you were finishing costumes too?

And I loved the responses I got for this post! If you haven’t chimed in, I would love to hear from you.

Take care.

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