Jack-O-Lantern Orange Snowcones

Happy Halloween!!

I have one more treat before the season is over.

I almost gave up on this one. Over the summer, I snagged a snow cone syrup recipe from a magazine that turned out to be a bust. After all that orange squeezing, I was not enthused to try it again. Plus, I didn’t really know how to fix it. But I had this vision and I couldn’t let it go.

Then I thought of Simple Syrup: a 1 to 1 ratio of white sugar and water boil together to create a sweet liquid. It can be used in a variety of recipes to sweeten things up and it worked perfectly for this. Together with real juice from real oranges, it makes snow cone syrup. Now all I needed was ice. I did add a few drops of food coloring to make the orange a little brighter. Then I used my photo program to punch it up even more. :)

As for ice, I was again at a loss. Just recently I destroyed my blender and when smashing ice with my meat mallet made more mess than progress, I used my food processor. It created the most perfect fluffy ice mush without any slush. Almost snow like. I piled the ice into the plastic cups I had drawn faces on.

Once I poured the syrup in, Jack-O-Lanterns they became. I do not have the cool nozzles that real snow cone vendors have. I see now they are probably necessary.

The Jack-O-Lanterns needed a bit of green so I twisted on a green pipe cleaner, although a green spoon would work too. I like this treat because it isn’t an ordinary one. Snow cones are fun and unique. Plus, it includes real fruit juice. Always nice on a holiday whose main food group is candy.

Jack-O-Lantern Orange Snowcones


  • •1 cup squeezed orange juice, between 4-6 oranges
  • •1/2-1 cup Simple Syrup
  • •shaved/chopped/crushed ice
  • •*optional - a few drops of food coloring


  1. Take the fresh squeezed orange juice and add the Simple Syrup until it is sweet enough for your taste.
  2. Pour over crushed ice.
  3. Enjoy!

And I again attempted to get a quality shot of both children looking at me and smiling. It was a long list and it didn’t happen.

But I got lots of smiles. And silliness. Lots of silliness.

Love them. Love the pictures.

And this one is for you.

Take care.

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