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RedLaser is a free app available for download for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Downloaded over 22 million times, RedLaser is a secret weapon for the smart shopper – allowing you to scan or search for items to make sure you have all the information you need, including product details, ratings and price comparison.


I am not a shopper. Not in the least. MJ, the kiddos and I attempted to do some Christmas shopping this week at one of the large malls nearby and we failed miserably. Neither MJ nor I have any shopping stamina, we are easily discouraged if we can’t find exactly what we are looking for 4 1/2 minutes into our trip. We’ve gotten even worse since our children arrived. It’s pretty pathetic. Thankfully we are skilled in other ways.

I was given the opportunity to review the new shopping companion app, RedLaser. MJ is the app person in our house so after I downloaded RedLaser on my phone, I asked him to give it a once over and then he could explain it to me. He didn’t need to guide me much. As a non-app-savvy person, I can say it was fairly user friendly and just takes some clicking around to learn how to use. This little app packs some serious abilities.

The app’s features include the following:
Scanning all major retail barcodes and QR codes.
With the extensive product information, the app is then able to check thousands of online and local retailers for the best price.
If you find the best price and you’re ready to buy, RedLaser makes it fast, easy and secure to buy from select retailers.
RedLaser has a tab filled with deals and coupons from a variety of stores.
Make and store all kinds of lists, from shopping to honey-do lists.
Like the product and want to see related items? RedLaser does that too.
The app scans and stores loyalty cards so packing the wallet with them all is no longer necessary.
And for those with food allergies, RedLaser will tell you critical allergen information along with product ratings and nutrition facts.

We used the app for a couple recent purchases. Our hand-vac stopped charging thus is stopped working so it needed to be replaced. We did a bit of searching online first but couldn’t decide on what to look up so MJ headed to the store. He scanned barcodes and checked out the options before choosing a handsome little Dirt Devil at the best price.

The other purchase I used the app on was on a Christmas shopping trip to Target. I found a beautiful puzzle by a brand I’d never heard of. I wanted to make sure I was getting the best price (I was) plus I wanted to see more from the brand. I had to smile as I stood in the aisle with my palm full of information.

What I like about the RedLaser app:

– I like having the ability to scan the bar code on any item and see competitive prices online and in my area. In addition to be a lousy shopper, I am also an apprehensive shopper, always second-guessing if I’m getting the best deal. Since I don’t have the time or energy to check various stores for the best price, this cheat sheet is sure nice.

– I like the Top Deals tab. Without having to click in to gain the information, the store and discounts are plainly listed so the details are quickly vetted. The expiration date is listed right there too which I find incredibly helpful.

– LISTS!! I just recently began making electronic lists on my phone for all the things I’m trying to keep track of. I still daily-goal lists with paper/pen lists because I like to physically cross things off but because I have many lists, I am appreciating the electronic kind. Easy to keep track of and very portable.

– MJ’s favorite part is the ability to store loyalty card info. It seems like he is often without the card he needs for a particular store because he doesn’t carry them all all the time. Once the info is scanned it stored and can be used anytime without having to haul the cards around.

We did have some trouble with purchasing an item from the app. We encountered some error messages and the process didn’t work. It might have been the site we were ordering from or it could have been user error. However, I wasn’t too bummed. If I can, I like to see what I’m buying first hand, just to make sure it’s what I want (apprehensive, see?).

All in all, I like having it on my phone. Instead of Googling items from a store aisle, I can simply and easily use RedLaser and attain the information I need. I still might have low shopping stamina and will continue to be an apprehensive shopper but I will have an edge that requires only a push of a button.

How sweet is that.

Take care.

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