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Kelly, from one of the brightest party spots on the web, Studio DIY, is here today to share some winter wonderfulness. Kelly’s got a knack for creating fun and festive DIYs to celebrate each and every occasion and all the other days in between. Just check out this costume, these cute food picks, printable nested boxes, printable confetti dessert bar labels and yes, ornament donut holes! There is always a reason to celebrate with Kelly. Welcome Kelly!

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars2

Over the holidays I put together adult-friendly confetti surprise jars and I had so much fun with them that I knew the concept couldn’t end with Christmas! Enter these DIY snowy surprise jars!

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars4

These are perfect for kids and yes, I will warn you, they do make a mess! But a really fun, pretty mess! Keep kids busy indoors on a snow day, or give these a fun gift just because, by piling small toys and trinkets inside a jar and hiding them all with faux snow! Kids will love trying to spy what’s in the jar, and then opening it up and digging through to claim their prizes! Here’s the full scoop…

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars

Supply List:

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars Supplies

Jar with a lid
Faux snow
Small gifts and prizes
Glitter and Mod Podge (Optional but strongly encouraged!)

To Make:

If you’re glittering your jar lid (Of course you are!), cover the lid in Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry, then cover the glitter with another coat of Mod Podge to seal the glitter on there.

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars Steps 1-2

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars Step 3

Fill your jar about a quarter of the way full with faux snow, then add in a few small prizes. Cover with more snow and additional prizes. Keep layering until your jar is full, ending with a good amount of snow on top.

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars Steps 4-5

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars Step 6

Seal up your jar and go make your child’s day!

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars Steps 7-8

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars3

DIY Snowy Surprise Jars5

I can’t imagine any child not loving this. So fun! Thanks Kelly!

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Take care.

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