Learning to Knit with Kollabora

Knit Headband 1.1

I haven’t officially penned my resolutions for the year. Among the other goals and aspirations, I have plans for stretching myself in creative ways – doing more in one area, less in others, trying news things, mediums, techniques, etc. So when Kollabora, a new social platform for crafters, contacted me about participating in their Learn to Knit campaign, I said yes immediately.

Knit Headband 4

I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit (or relearn. I’ll explain below) for some time now but never did it because I was afraid I wouldn’t get it. I once made a one-hook crocheted a blanket. Well, I made it twice. The first time, I somehow created my own big knot ball technique so I had to undo it and begin again, doing the correct looping.

Knit Headband 5

When the supplies from Kollabora arrived (they have a list with everything you need all ready to go!), I was still nervous. But then I watched the step-by-step videos for the headband and it was so simple! And easy! And addicting. :)

I followed the directions, only adding a few extra stitches to make the headband wider (I was worried my ears wouldn’t stay covered). I also swapped out the narrow needles from the kit for wider ones. It made the stitches wider and made the headband go a little faster. I did switch back to the narrower ones to finish the headband so there was symmetry.

Knit Headband 7

Here’s the funny part: I had that extra pair of wider needles in my supplies cache already. Apparently, and this really is news to me, I had knitted the beginning of a scarf at some point in the past. I don’t know when I did it and I don’t remember knitting but the evidence was there. I’m hoping that this time through, the techniques (and experience) will stick. :)

Knit Headband 6

Knit Headband 2.1

When the band was wide enough for my head (remember, it stretches!), I used the darning needle and a  length of yarn to sew the ends together. By all means, it’s not perfect but finishing it gave me a sweet sense of accomplishment.

Knit Headband 8

It’s a peaceful activity too. I don’t do too many projects that allow me to sit on the couch, all comfy, warm and relaxed. I really liked that part. And like I said above, it’s addicting. I kept saying, I’ll stop after two rows, oh, I’ll do one more, maybe two more. I just didn’t want to stop. With the frigid weather, knitting is a very appealing activity.

Knit Headband 3.2

If you want to learn to knit, click on over to check out the directions for your own knitted headband (or fingerless gloves!) and get started. Here’s to tackling something new in the still mostly new year.

Take care.

P.S. I’m off to Alt Summit! Wahoo!! I’m so excited for everything – meeting fellow bloggers (including Design Mom!!), having fun and soaking up the plethora of information being shared. I hope my brain doesn’t start smoking. Haha! I’ve got two recipes loaded up for tomorrow and then I hope to check in from Salt Lake City on Friday. Stay warm!

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4 thoughts on “Learning to Knit with Kollabora

  1. Looks awesome, Amy. I’m so impressed. I tried knitting once when I was commuting to work, and the 20 minutes each day I had on the bus or train was not enough for me to situated and comfortable. Plus I also had strangers breathing down my neck so that probably didn’t help!

    I am looking forward to hearing about your time at Alt. Wish I was there with you!

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