My ALT Summit 2013

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I’m back from Alt!! And my brain is still smokin’. :)

I had a grand time in Salt Lake City. Alt Summit, for those who aren’t familiar, is a conference for bloggers where topics of great design, innovation, community building and the ever alluding social media forefront are discussed. This is the first time I’ve attended and, even now, I am still in awe that I was there. I learned and was affirmed that my efforts, practices and plans are properly placed. I have so many ideas, so many plans, an entire list of things I want to change, edit, improve, review, revisit. I had the honor meeting many of the people who are behind the blogs I frequent and bloggers I’ve worked and collaborated with in addition to a whole group of people I didn’t know at all. It was amazing to meet them in the flesh, hear their voices and hang out with them. For me personally, no email can do what chatting and laughing over delicious food together can do.


Image courtesy of Justin Hackworth on the Alt Summit Flickr stream

There is so much to tell, I don’t even know where to begin! Panels, panels and more panels! Dinners, parties, socials, lounges, keynotes, oh my! And the business cards. Oh.Em.Gee. Seriously. There are some cah-razy people out there who made some Incredible, with a capital I, business cards I have to show you. Here is my official Clue party trading card. I was a deadly serious Ms. Scarlet. There are so many more shots of my trip on Instagram. You can find me at amy_thisheartofmine.


Image courtesy of Brooke Dennis on the Alt Summit Flickr stream

My plan is to write a couple of posts about my Alt experience and share them over the next few weeks. I know not everyone is interested in that so I will make sure the regular stuff you’re used to on this heart of mine is in the majority. Also on tap, I will be sharing some aspirations, goals and plans going forward for myself, my life, this blog and with you! I’m so excited!! Again, my brain is still a bit frazzled, in the best possible way, so I am still working out the details.

Plus, I am tired. You’d think that I would get better sleep away from home but that definitely wasn’t the case. And my wonderful children, who I missed terribly, welcomed me home yesterday by lovingly laying on me all night thus continuing the tiredness. Ah, real life. :)

So happy Monday to you. It’s almost over. :)

Take care.

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8 thoughts on “My ALT Summit 2013

  1. I am so going next year. I am uber excited to hear your take on Alt. It was so fun meeting you in person. You are genuinely talented and warm. I am a quirky awkward person, but you made me feel at ease. :) I hope we get to see each other again!

    1. It was amazing to meet you Delia. And I found you to be anything but awkward and since I think of myself as quirky, I like that you are quirky too. I do hope we can see each other again. Maybe it will be at Alt next year!

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