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Boston from Space

It’s been a hard week. A week filled with shock and fear and disbelief and anger and confusion and heartache. Lots and lots of heartache. I am thankful my children are still young enough that we can spell out our conversations and they are none the wiser. I am thankful their world has little ‘bad’, save for a few sharing issues between siblings. I’m thankful that for now, we can shield them from evil. In a short time, we won’t be able to keep them in the dark.

However, I know there are children, both domestic and abroad, who know evil and know the bad in this world. There are children and adults who live in a constant state of fear and insecurity. Who don’t know the good side of things. I can hardly contain my sorrow when I think of what others, especially the children, have to live in. And while it’s never a forgotten detail, events like this make it undeniably obvious how thankful I need to be for my life. Like fall-to-my-knees-with-my-arms-raised to-the-heavens thankful for the gifts and abundance I have.

But with the fear, anger, confusion and heartache, there is overwhelming commonality and togetherness. People coming together with shared loss and sorrow. In pulling together in support of one another, hope arises. Hope and togetherness annihilates evil. What evil destroys, hope and togetherness rebuilds and makes stronger. Evil might make us stumble but it never wins. Light always overcomes darkness.

Kind of a dark and deep post for a Friday but it is what it is. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with Boston and Texas and to others who are hurting. Thanks for coming by this blog and sharing the space with me. You guys are amazing and I truly appreciate it.

Most of my links this week caused me to tear up so proceed at your own risk. :)

Links to check:

Things for which I am thankful:

  • Community and coming together, even in response to tragedy.
  • The amazing abundance and wonderfulness of my life and the life of those I love.
  • Care and kindness. Really helped me this week.
  • Girl’s night with a favorite.
  • Hope. Always.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are buried in snow AGAIN! I’m thinking brownies will make it better. :)

Take care.

Image – ‘Boston at night, glowing under a trace of fog’ by Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut currently orbiting Earth

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