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Make your own Heart Tights! | this heart of mine

It’s very cold today. This whole week actually. I’m not amused. The only thing I can find even slightly good about the weather is wearing tights is necessary. Well, at this temp, tights are actually buried below three other layers but still. I can remember having a pair of white tights with tiny red hearts when I was little. I think my sister and I both wore them and she, being three years younger, had the smaller and thus, cuter pair. But I wasn’t going to let a little thing like size keep me from having heart tights again.

Make your own Heart Tights! | this heart of mine

After the fun I had on the polka dot tights back in October, I’ve had hearts on my to-do list. These heart-filled stem-covers were supposed to be up for Heart Day but I kinda misplaced the tights and forgot. Yeah. I forgot. Hearts are my thing and I like them any day of the year but it’s still February so they fit.

Make your own Heart Tights! | this heart of mine

All it takes is some tights (I got mine at Target) and some red acrylic paint. Like the polka dot tights, I used two pieces of cardboard, similarly sized as my legs, and painted the tights with hearts. The paint dries really quickly so you can get all sides done really quick.

Then wear them and love them.

Make your own Heart Tights! | this heart of mine

Just to keep it real. This was before we found a spot out of the wind.

Make your own Heart Tights! | this heart of mine

Freaking winter.

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7 thoughts on “Heart Tights

  1. I hear ya, I live in the twin cities (also?). I am so done. Can you share your favorite tights brands? I just got clearance target ones for $1.50. But not super crazy about them. As you know we will need them until may. :)

  2. Wonderful idea!!
    But, I was wondering what happens to them after washing or how do you wash them at the machine or handwash? Or is it a special paint?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Mue! The acrylic paint will stick to the tights (as will fabric paint). I think a washing machine is a little hard on tights, in general, but the paint should stick no matter what. Good luck!

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