Endless Summer Projects: Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse

June 11, 2014

Endless Summer Projects: Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse | Classic Play - Pars Caeli - Lulu the Baker - Alexandra Hedin - this heart of mine

We love bird watching in the summer. Cardinals, Orioles and Indigo Buntings are my favorite, as well as the sweet Junco. With the training they’ve received from Nana, Bug and Sweet J are well versed in birdology (I know it’s actually ornithology). They know ‘good’ birds (most of them) from ‘bad’ birds (grackles, black birds and the bad behaving Blue Jay) and have spent hours paging through our bird book. They ferociously chase grackles from our feeders to make sure the other birds can eat in peace. Melissa of Lulu the Baker has put together a tutorial on a bird house with a mid-century, modern twist. With fun colors and a simple construction, we might have to add this to our tree as well!

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5. Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse

Endless Summer Projects | Classic Play - Pars Caeli - Lulu the Baker - Alexandra Hedin - this heart of mine

This project is a part of Endless Summer Projects, a collaboration between Alexandra Hedin, Classic Play, Pars Caeli, Lulu the Baker, and This Heart of Mine to bring you fabulous summer projects for the whole family for the whole summer.

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MJ June 11, 2014 at 8:29am

Girl, you know your birds. xo


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