Mini Skirt Redo | Summer of No Pants

Mini Skirt Redo | this heart of mine

I like to dress up whenever I get the chance. Whether it’s date nights with MJ or a night out with my lady friends, I dig out my ‘grown up’ clothes, my heels, jewelry and make up and play dress up. Love Bug calls me fancy and I love it. At the start of the summer, I was inspired by a few mini skirt summer wardrobe images. Despite my status as mother and woman in her early 30s, I thought why the heck not, a mini skirt can work for me too. I got the skirt and then I let it sit and sit and sit. But no more! My friend Marigold from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! is hosting a summer long series called the Summer of No Pants. It’s a handmade style series in favor of ditching pants in favor of skirts and dresses. Because I love Marigold and because this project has been just waiting to be finished, I am discarding my pants for this mini skirt redo.

It’s a very simple redo, a plain black skirt with some metallic paints. I love how it turned out!

Mini Skirt Redo | this heart of mine


-mini skirt (I found mine at H&M)

Mini Skirt Redo | this heart of mine

My initial design idea did not pan out. My second design idea was scallops. It did. Using chalk – not the cool, made-for-use-on-fabric kind but the real, use-outside-on-the-driveway kind – I sketched out my plan. Chalk is great because it’s not permanent and shows up on black.

Mini Skirt Redo | this heart of mine

From there, I added my paint colors. My brush strokes are evident; I like the painterly/handmade look.

Mini Skirt Redo | this heart of mine

Now I’m set. Fancy-free and pantless!

Mini Skirt Redo | this heart of mine


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