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When I was pregnant with Love Bug, I had all these thoughts and plans about the things I wanted to do as a mother. From breast feeding to baby wearing to making all our own baby food to cloth diapers to using a running stroller to continue my love of running. I heard the warnings that the best laid plans can go awry but I was going to be the exception. I was going to do it all. Not in a perfect way but in a superwoman way, bending time to include all I wanted to do. With Love Bug, I managed fairly well. That is until the cloth diapers leaked on a daily basis and she voiced her utter disdain for the running stroller at less than a year (because running on your own legs is more fun!). With the addition of Sweet J,  we switched from making our own baby food to simply feeding him the food we were eating, just cut itsy bitsy. Running miles and miles was a thing of the past. Running after little darlings was in.

When we dreamed of Pipsqueak, I spent time trying to prepare myself for the change, the additional responsibility. There is no such thing as time bending, just adjusted expectations. Or maturity. Haha! And then the year of chaos happened. Three residences, two moves, five hospital stays, prolonged displacement and tumult about what exactly was going to happen. I was a mess. Through it all, Pipsqueak kept surprising us with his milestones. Smiling at 17 days, rotating his body at three months, crawling at four, standing at five months and finally walking at 6. He recently started running and it’s my favorite.

We Love Plum! | this heart of mine We Love Plum! | this heart of mine

When we started introducing foods, aside from a couple Os here and there, we had just learned of Bug’s diagnosis and I was at the bottom of a rather dark hole. Because he was a bit younger than the other two when we introduced different foods, I worried about his ability to chew but he needed something more. I’d noticed the food pouches at the start of the baby aisle before so one night, on a solo trip to the store, I stood and read all the packages, relishing the luxury of standing still, in a store, reading AND understanding. It was amazing.

We Love Plum! | this heart of mine We Love Plum! | this heart of mine

Through it, I found Plum Organics®. They’re an organic food company with snacks and meals for baby. I was drawn to it because I knew each and every item included in their recipes. And I loved the food combo options. Sophisticated and incorporating the high quality foods we adults are trying to incorporate in our diet like blueberries, kale, chia, millet, ginger. While I stood there, I sent up a big wish that someone would show up at my door to make me such tasty food. Pipsqueak loved it. I felt like taking a victory lap. A win during a time a time of struggle. Sure, the food is quality and organic but I like that we are able to expand his flavor palate without lots and lots of work for me.

Plum Organics® has a new line called Grow Well. More yummy food combos and each flavor is rich in a particular nutrient to help in critical growth areas for little ones: digestive health, Omega, bone, muscle. We incorporate them with the food we make for the rest of the family so Pipsqueak is well fed. He had a check up last week and his stats are off the charts!

We Love Plum! | this heart of mine

We are through the mess of 2015 but we know life can change in an instant. Good food choices are an important element of a healthy life which, come chaos or calm, is what we are striving for at our house. And while I can’t bend time and do it all, I’ve learned that  figuring out a different solution to the problem is very superwoman-like. We’ve figured out what is most important to us and that’s good enough.

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PS. Pipsqueak was so very helpful during photos. He’s into everything recently and likes to make a funny, scrunchy face while he destroys things. Haha!

This post is sponsored by Plum Organics® Grow Well. We really do buy and feed Pipsqueak Pum Organic food pouches. All opinions are my own. Thanks for being supportive of our sponsors.

For more tips on getting a solid start, visit Plum Organics Resource Center.

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