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Let’s talk food!

My friend, Ali, developed an awesome app you just must know about. Weeknight Society is a menu planning and recipe resource for busy people. We definitely qualify! :)  Weeknight Society is the answer to “what’s for dinner?” Recipes, ingredient lists plus beautiful photos are all tucked in this sweet app and accessible anytime you need recipe inspiration/direction. I don’t think MJ and I are the only ones who struggle with menu planning. Making healthy dishes, finding things to satisfy the children as well as the parents, cooking things that don’t require lots of work – it’s hard to make things fit. Weeknight Society helps with that.

Knowing Ali and knowing the inspiration for Weeknight Society came from talking to real people in real life about the real struggle of feeding a family is what makes me love it even more. Every week a new menu is uploaded to help you plan a week filled with delicious food and healthy (and seasonal!) ingredients.

Take, for instance, Beer Braised Brats. Hello Oktoberfest! You can make this recipe yourself. Grab the printable recipe right here! Beer Braised Brats with Mustard Cabbage.


Here’s what Ali says:

With the kids back to school and the pressure of real life creeping back I realized we needed our routine back but I hate a routine that isn’t fun. I didn’t have to look far – my specialty over the last several years has been finding ways to create “fun” on the weeknight. I know how hard it is, after a long day of work, to get dinner on the table let alone make it “fun.”

So I decided to create something that I needed – that my friends needed – a menu planning app with my original recipes that only take about a half an hour. For more weeknight dinner inspiration, menu planning, recipes, and shopping lists subscribe to the Weeknight Society mobile app in the iTunes store. Every recipe is cooked by families for families.

Genius, right?

If I haven’t linked to it enough, here it is again. Weeknight Society.

When you use good ingredients, you only need a few to make something amazing. It’s not about how much time it takes to get dinner on the table, but how much time you spend at the table together.

Eating dinner together matters.

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