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If I haven’t said it before, I believe being creative is an imperative part of living and growing. Creativity has so many forms. It’s not limited to the projects and food stuff I share here. That being said, when Bar Rucci of Art Bar sent me a copy of her book Art Worshop for Children: How to Foster Original Thinking with over 25 Process-Art Experiences, I was overjoyed. Making, art or otherwise, is one of my favorite things.

Art Workshop for Children is gorgeous. Really, the images make me go all heart-eyes. Bar’s book says all the things I believe about making art with children.  My favorite line is “No child should feel badly about making art!” Yes. One hundred times over. Bar explains it all from materials to laying out workspaces like the expert she is so you too can provide creative invitations for your creative partners. (Isn’t creative invitations such a great phrase?!) As a result, Art Workshop for Children will have you and your littles ready for making beautiful things.


I don’t know what project we will officially try first, but the Still Life with Doughnut was the fave of my children. Seems like eating and art might be one of those kismet duos. I love the projects using everyday items from the recycle bin. The robots….love, love, love. The book’s projects are unassuming and uncomplicated while the benefits of the process, continual. In addition, I think everyone will love the final product.


Being creative is important. Original thinking is important. Art Workshop for Children is a great resource for making in your home.


Get to making!

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