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I wrote this last year and shared it on The Holiday Collective. I’m bringing it home to kick of this last month of the year. 

Hot chocolate is a favorite winter beverage for me and my little ones. We don’t drink coffee – none of us is mature enough to enjoy the flavor – so we warm our hands and tummies on mugs of sweet chocolatey goodness. Our cups are often topped with a mountain of marshmallows and, if we are feeling extra sweet, a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips and we stir it with a peppermint cane. Who needs Christmas cookies, right?

This year, we are missing the snow. Sure. We don’t like it too much in October or early November and we get sick of it by the end of January into February and we just about lose it when it’s still around in March and April. You think I’m kidding but sometimes it’s true! However, it’s just not right when there is no snow in December.


To help us through this snow-less time and to support our chocolate habit, I created some snowy mugs so even if the ground is bare outside, we can hold some in our hands.



-glass mugs or tea cups
-white paint*
-paint brush, toothpick (I used a paper scorer as well)

*Use glass paint or a craft paint that can be cured in the oven (like this).


Make sure the glass cup is clean and dried.

Dip the handle of a paintbrush (or a toothpick) into the white paint and touch it to the cup. Size and thickness of paint is dependent on how loaded with paint the utensil is and how hard it is pressed on the cup.


Continue adding dots until the lower ⅔rds of the cup is covered. Leave the rim of the cup clear. As you can see, I made the dots thicker and close together at the base of the cup and spaced them out as I moved up the side.


Allow to dry and cure according to the manufacturer’s directions.


Then stir up your favorite hot chocolate and enjoy the snow, faux or real. Yum!


What is your favorite hot chocolate mix? We go back and forth between Nutella hot chocolate and the mix. It’s completely dependent on how motivated I feel. Haha!

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2 thoughts on “Snowy Mugs

  1. These look awesome. I totally dig this minimalistic look – christmas doesn’t have to be overboarding with glitter and stuff.

    I recently shared my 3 favorite hot chocolate recipes and my favorite is mint-hot-chocolate – where I cook the milk with dried mint tea first and then melt the chocolate in the sieved milk. There’s just a hint of mint in there which is perfect for me.

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