Keeping Warm with Pure Leaf

Keeping Warm with Pure Leaf | this heart of mine

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As far back as I can remember, which right now is about eight years (#kids), I am frequently too warm. Not sure if it’s running after children, trying to work while parenting, hormones, heightened worry that someone will suddenly start bleeding but I’m often too hot and, let’s be honest, a little sweaty. In a gorgeous, glowing way, of course. Because of this, I keep the AC on in the summertime and my house on the cool side in the winter. My family, immediate and extended, gives me grief for this. Apparently everyone needs to bundle up indoors whatever the season is. Haha! But, in the last month or so, I finally felt the chill. So up went the house temp and I pulled out my cardigans. I’ve also started drinking more tea throughout the day.

I love having tea in my front room which is also my office space (and currently houses the giant tree). The image below captures what it’s like in there in the morning, especially when it’s really cold. Bright sunshine, almost blindingly so. Extra shiny when there is snow on the ground. It’s not a quiet or peaceful place (again #kids) but I take what I can get. As with most things, I’m picky about what tea I drink so I chose Pure Leaf. Pure Leaf teas, now available at Kroger, are simply made, which I love because simple is better. They are made from real tea leaves, picked at their freshest from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates, committed to sustainability,  in cool places like India, Kenya, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Yeah, Earth!

Keeping Warm with Pure Leaf | this heart of mine

I don’t own a tea pot……yet. I have a vision in my head of one sitting on my stove but I haven’t picked it out yet. Instead, I boil my water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave, the same way I have since childhood in the house on Fair Street. It’s not fancy or stylish but it’s calming for me. Reminds me of my mom. I love watching the hot water interact with the bagged tea while it steeps. The water is infused with flavors and the air is filled with the aroma. Very simple yet a little magical. Pure Leaf’s Black Tea with Vanilla smells like actual vanilla beans which makes sense since they are part of the blend. Their simple and pure blends make a difference in the taste

It’s probably makes me ineligible for a title of “Tea Purist” but I’ve taken to stirring in one packet of Stevia in the Raw as well. I feel like it heightens the flavor, bringing out even the subtle ones. The real fruit pieces, petals and herbs of Pure Leaf really shine.

Keeping Warm with Pure Leaf | this heart of mine Keeping Warm with Pure Leaf | this heart of mine

There is something very cozy about wintertime. It’s not the extended darkness or the twinkly lights and it’s not just about the cold, which is finally getting to me. For me, it’s cozy because, while the frigid wind blows and water is turned into a solid, I get to be inside with my favorites. We are together and that is the best. So bring on the cold wind and piles of snow. I’ve got my lovelies, a warm house and sweaters and delicious tea to keep my sockless soul warm.

Keeping Warm with Pure Leaf | this heart of mine

This post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own. Thanks for being supportive of our sponsors. 

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