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Martha Stewart's Vegetable | this heart of mine

The winter is hardest vegetable season for me. It’s colder and darker and the sparkle (and freshness) of summer seems so far away. But eating vegetables is important for healthy living so when I opened the new Martha Stewart’s Vegetables book, I read it like a page-turning mystery. Lots of ideas for so many types of vegetables. I got all inspired and tried the Kale-Ricotta Dip. I topped mine with shredded parmesan and smeared it on warm baguette slices. Delish! And it doesn’t matter how much I ate all by myself. :)

Martha Stewart's Vegetable | this heart of mine

The book is filled detailed information on picking out, storing, prepping and cooking a nearly endless list of vegetables. All 150 recipes are accompanied with beautiful photos (my favorite part) which makes choosing what to make even more difficult.

That gift-giving holiday is right around the corner and Martha Stewart’s Vegetables might be the perfect thing for that someone.

This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Living.

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