Paper Leaf Sculptures – #100dayproject

I owe some big updates. I know. I’m starting with a #100dayproject I started because, as you know, making is my thing. After heart-ing so many #100dayprojects by other creatives on Instagram, I frequently asked myself what I would do if I took one on. About a week before a new slew of projects started, I finally brought a paper leaf sculpture to life, something that had been in my brain for a long time. I made one and then made another and then another. I liked it. The process, the paper, the leaves, the intricacies, the textures, the exactness, the arranging. All good. I thought to myself, “Can I make 100 of these?” With probably less consideration than appropriate (summer will be here soon), I decided I was going to try for 100.

I’m only 10 days in, planning on sharing my progress each seven days. I hope to poll opinions on leaf shape, color and arrangement with each new batch. And maybe at some point, ask for suggests (though if you have one, definitely send it over!).

If you’re interested in following along, find me @helloamychristie on Instagram. If you like the idea of the #100dayproject, you can look up the hashtag to see all the projects out there. Or, you can join in with one of your own. :)

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