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Hello, old friends. It’s been a while. Time keeps marching on, changing as it does. I am still making and baking, dreaming and scheming but it’s less out here, more inside my home, my mind and my heart. I share mostly on Instagram now and, if you follow along, you would have seen my subtle announcement of a new event. I am now an official LulaRoe consultant. Let me tell you a bit about it.

For those unfamiliar, LulaRoe is a fashion brand with comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing sold by a national network of Independent Fashion Retailers. LulaRoe is known for their bright and colorful patterns and truly comfortable clothing. Their leggings, one of the best sellers, have been nicknamed “butter leggings” for their softness. LulaRoe styles are made in very limited runs of prints and fabrics which makes them extra special. As people search for that one print in their size and style, it’s said they are on a “unicorn quest”.

Why I chose to sell LulaRoe.

  • I want to be home with my babies.
  • It utilizes skills I already have (and like!)
  • It will allow me to learn new skills.
  • Have I mentioned the clothes?! They are fabulous and comfortable.
  • I get to connect with people (like you!) in a meaningful and helpful way.

Whether we connect through laughter during a live FB show or an in-person show or I am simply your connection to fabulous, comfortable clothing, it’s all good to me. I plan to incorporate my making ways into this new position (as seen in the hand-painted logo above).

If you’re interested, you can join my private Facebook group where I’ll be doing live shows. Between now and the official shop launch, I will be posting giveaways and ways to win Lulacash (free money!).

My first live show, the official shop launch, is Wednesday July 12th at 8pm CST.

For being a this heart of mine follower, I’m offering $5 Lulacash to use during the launch show next Wednesday. To use, just tell me and I’ll apply it to your order.

Thanks for your care and consideration. Happy Friday!!

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Amy is a wife, mother of two and a maker. Making is her thing whether it is food, DIYs or photos of her children. Follow Amy on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter, and through her once-a-month newsletter to keep up with the latest from this heart of mine.

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