Foliage Napkin Rings

Make simple foliage napkins for your holiday meals! - Foliage Napkin Rings | this heart of mine

At this time of year, I really love tableware and table settings. Napkins, place mats, silverware, dishware, center-of-the-table decor – I want a huge collection. I dream of someday having the space to host one of the extended family meals we enjoy at during the holiday season and when I do, I want the table to be beautifully set. Since I don’t have the space for the people or the stuff, I have to settle for adding little things, like these foliage napkin rings.

Make simple foliage napkins for your holiday meals! - Foliage Napkin Rings | this heart of mine

Here’s how to make them yourself:

-Grab a few faux foliage stems and pull them a part.

-Use wire to make the stems into rings.

-Coat with spray paint. Allow to dry completely.


Christmas Cards with Minted

Christmas cards with Minted

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It’s time for Christmas cards again and I must admit, I’ve been laying down plans for ours already. It shouldn’t be so complicated but since it includes getting a family photo, it does take time to plan. I have to choose clothing for four people, coordinating, of course, and then plan on where and when the photos will be taken. Actually, I really enjoy the process. It’s fun.

On top of that, I’ve also been cruising around the web checking on Christmas card templates. Minted asked me to choose a few of my favorites from their collection and share them with you. I really admire Minted and their collection of artists. As an artist myself, I like their method of promoting real work by real artists. They’ve curated a fantastic selection of unique work one could spend hours browsing.

But back to Christmas cards. I’m rather particular about how they look. I like the single photo options best although I did choose an Instagram-grid like one because it’s cute and clean. I also love red writing (shocking, right?). Red just has to be a part of the holidays for me. I look for cards with the “Merry Christmas” greeting because 1) I like it and 2) it gives me a firm deadline. Haha! I have to get them addressed and mailed in a timely manner or they will be late! And while I am not a font expert, I don’t understand the ins and outs and rules of it all, I am a bit of font snob. I love scripted text because it looks like it could be handmade and that feels more personal to me. Above are the eight top picks I limited myself to. What do you think? What do you look for when picking a Christmas card?

Now that I have my options, I best be getting back to shopping for coordinated clothing. :)

This post is sponsored by Minted and all opinions are my own.


Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Pie

Cinnamon Roll Pie Recipe | this heart of mine

Let me begin by saying, the cinnamon roll pie was not my invention. That being said, I’m going to take full advantage of the concept. I saw it mentioned here and immediately the delicious rolls I made earlier this year came to mind. I’m a fan of from-scratch rolls anyway and I knew the simple recipe would work perfectly. I love that the cinnamon roll pie takes a little of the production time away so that cinnamon roll taste gets to your mouth quicker. Plus, it changes things up just a bit. And it’s pretty, no? :)

Cinnamon Roll Pie Recipe | this heart of mine

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What I’ve Been Doing


Hello! Happy November.

I’ve been a little quiet here. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I’m in the process of breaking up with my phone. Sounds ridiculous but I am. Staying up-to-date and alert of everything is exhausting (and hard on my eyes), not to mention the many things I miss when I’m staring at the screen. While I love dreaming and creating, I am having trouble with all the extra stuff. This blogging business requires quite a bit of marketing and I struggle with it. I am happy to read about others exploits and creative endeavors as well as scroll through the small glimpses they share with the world but I am conflicted when I do it for myself. It ends up feeling like a validation process to me. I take a fabulously framed shot of my children walking into the setting sun, their ruffled hair shining in the light, and then I wait for people to like it. Emotions soar or plunge all depending on number of people who like the image. It’s so silly! (said the super silly person).

So this last week, I went about my real life without telling everyone what I was up to, what I was making, what I was thinking. I baked cookies and a cake. I read animal books to my children. I took walks, ran errands, shuffled children to school and back and attended activities. We trick-or-treated with our homemade costumes and enjoyed an evening of laughing with friends. Instead of framing the best shot to share or brainstorming a new post, I tried to stay in the moment. I had a little withdrawal in the beginning, my fingers itching to check something else, but after a while, I felt the freedom and I liked it. I did things because I wanted to, either for my family or myself. I captured visual memories for my memory bank alone.

Blogging is my job and I am very thankful I get to do it. Really, I am. However, like other jobs, it can be draining. As I’ve said in a few other previous posts, this hasn’t been my year. Personal and professional struggles have pushed me to an uncomfortable place and I’ve spent a lot of time wondering and questioning my purpose and my direction (more time than my usual over thinking). I don’t have all the answers and honestly, I am confused as all get out. That being said, I have dreams and ideas for the next two months that I am excited to bring to life. I hate to say plans because those seem to bring on plan-busting events. (See, emergency appendectomy.) :)

Thanks for coming by my little place on the web. With the endless choices and things to see, I appreciate the time you spend here.


Gold Paper Succulents with Cricut

Gold Paper Succulents with Cricut Explore | this heart of mine

There is nothing like getting inspiration at the last moment! These gold paper succulents are my project for the third installment of Cricut Design Space Star. Our team chose gold as our theme and I wasn’t inspired….until just yesterday. After scrolling through the Cricut Design Space library, I came across a 3D flower pack which led me to a succulent pack and inspiration hit.

I love succulents, despite my inability to keep them living. Something about watering them. :) Anyway, I really like the faux succulents I’ve seen that have been painted gold and I thought a paper version would be fabulous. Gold is so warm and lovely and perfect for a fall table. These little succulent pots with the Be Thankful flag are ideal for each guest’s spot!

Gold Paper Succulents with Cricut Explore | this heart of mine

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