Valentine Ornaments

Using cardstock, stickers and metallic pens, I created a few new items to hang on the Heart Day tree.

I remember my mom made something like these for our Heart Day tree, too.

This year I purchased a few more kinds of heart themed stickers and went to work. I added some metallic curls and swirls and strung them up with ribbon and fishing line. Both sides of the ornaments have designs so they can be enjoyed from any vantage point.

They don’t have to be expensive, dimensional stickers either. The smooch stickers below were free from Walmart sometime in college.

Also in college, I fell in love with a set of heart design stickers. Not wanting to simply stick them some where and waste them, I cut cards to fit them and added gold embossed designs. I dug them out and strung them up with fishing line. (I put two cards together so both sides had a design. To keep from being redundant, I just snap shots of three.)

Love Bug even made a few for herself. She enjoys stickers and sticking them wherever she can. Instead of hanging them up, she likes to carry them in her purse.

Take care!

-amy c

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