Cabbage Dyed Eggs with Design Mom | this heart of mine

I have been chomping at the bit to share these beauties. Of course, it hasn’t been too bad since I’ve been able to look upon them every single day. I am in awe that their hues are all-natural, all thanks to red cabbage, of all things. Yeah, RED cabbage makes blue dye. Still confounds me and I did it. Twice! My most favorite egg is the cracked teal one. I’m trying to put together a strong defense on why it is not weird to save a badly broken egg. Any suggestions?

Cabbage Dyed Eggs with Design Mom | this heart of mine

The full details and instructions for cabbage dye are over on Design Mom today. It’s so easy and simple. You have plenty of time to knock out a couple dozen before the weekend.

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Baby’s Breath Crown

April 14, 2014

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

There is a picture tucked into one of the albums of my youth. I am wearing a rose-colored, calico pinafore over a three-quarter sleeve white shirt (all handmade by my momma) with a baby’s breath crown on my head. Ribbon strips on the backside hang down my back. My blond hair is a bit fuzzy and, though I can’t remember for sure if any of my teeth were missing, I am of the age when it was possible. The crown definitely had that countrified 80s style flair. Haha!

I loved the crown; it was a dress-up favorite. It was just fancy enough for a little princess dancer to wear while twirling but not too special to keep for only special occasions. I thought Love Bug would thoroughly enjoy a baby’s breath crown. She loves all that is fancy.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

Baby’s breath always seems to play second fiddle in flower arrangements. Its small florets are often tucked in next to larger, bolder flowers. However, baby’s breath is wonderful on its own. I remember pushing Bug on a walk one day when she was still very little and one of the turns was right by a baby’s breath bush. I often stopped, breathed in its aroma and smiled. It smelled just like my little Bug’s sweet breath. I’ve adored it ever since.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine


-baby’s breath
-green floral tape

*The wire type is up to you. The higher the gauge, the easier it is to manipulate. I used a steel wire, I think, 18 gauge. I can’t remember what it was exactly because the packaging is gone.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

First, form a halo to fit the head you’re crowning. I created hooks with the two ends, hooked them together and then pinched each hook with the pliers so they stayed closed.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

Cut the baby breath stems into small bunches. You can decide what size works for you. I used the size shown below to the right. Start with one bunch, lay it against the wire and wrap around it with the floral tape. Continue around the circle, tucking baby’s breath bunches in and wrapping it with the tape.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

I chose to cover a little more than half with the flowers and wrapped the rest of it with just the floral tape.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

That’s it! It goes pretty quick and then you have a simple (and beautiful) baby’s breath crown.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine



April 11, 2014 highlights | this heart of mine

I’m not highlighting my hair blonde anymore. It’s at the point where the outgrowth can’t be mistaken as just the shadow of my part and it’s apparent I’m long overdue for a touch up. Personally, I’m tired of the upkeep. I was never one to refresh the color as often as advised but even then, it’s just another thing to manage.

In all honestly, it’s about vanity. Sure it’s expensive and, for the amount of hair I have, the process takes hours. However, in the end, it’s about looks. I find my natural color lacking. When I was young, my hair was blonde; in the very beginning, it was very, very blonde. It has continued to darken through the years and currently, it is an unremarkable medium brown. It looks extra dark next to my highlighted ends but it is undistinguished, garden-variety brown. highlights | this heart of mine

I am not an especially vain person. There are days when I have done school drop-off in pajama bottoms and bed head without a stitch of make-up. The look was often paired with my winter coat and snow boots so, as you can imagine, I looked amazing. I am not especially stylish; I don’t have a ‘look’. Most days, if my face is clean, my teeth are brushed, my hair is without strange humps and my clothes are mostly spot clean, I call it good. I would rather spend my time on activities other than my appearance.

The thing is I recognize myself more as a blonde. I grew out my highlights early in our marriage because it was cost prohibitive. When I started it up again, it was like ‘Hey, I know you!’ when I saw myself in the mirror. My brother has deep, dark brown hair, my sister has a more caramelly brown tone and I am/was the blonde. It almost feels like I’m hanging on to my youth with this light color. Yet, like an elderly woman pointed out to me a few days ago, I’m not that young anymore. highlights | this heart of mine

The truth is: I am not blonde and I’m just lazy enough not to keep making it that way. Feelings of beauty and identity need to have deeper roots than hair color (fantastically unintentional pun). I will probably always look for that fair-haired person in the mirror and in photos, it’s too ingrained at this point. But I can adjust my perspective. I can accept my hair as is, embrace my darker locks.

Hello, my name is Amy Christie and I am a recovering blonde brunette.

What are your thoughts on hair coloring? Love it? Hate it? Would love to know what you think.

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Easter Brunch in Neutrals

April 10, 2014

Easter Brunch |this heart of mine

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When I think of Easter day celebrations of the past, my initial thoughts are not of the big extended family type. You know the ones with the extra long tables, white tablecloths and a meal of ham, endless casseroles and pies. This is not to say I don’t love those kind, Mom and Grandma and extended family, just to be clear. They are just not at the forefront of my mind. :)

What actually plays over and over is sitting around the pull-out table in the kitchen of my childhood home with my immediate family. The east-facing windows poured in sunlight while we made and a ate brunch-type meal. Omelets, a sweet roll of some kind, fruit and juice. There was never enough room on the table for everything but I loved it. It was simple and low-key and for some reason, it’s what I remember most. With that in mind, I’ve pulled together some ideas so you too can have a simple and low-key Easter celebration that still looks good.

Easter Brunch |this heart of mine

Muted Color Scheme Setting

I’m on a muted palette kick lately; the neutrals and subtle colors really peak my interest. After getting a couple of farm egg cartons from my dad (which I love. Aren’t they beautiful?!?), I decided they had to be a part of my set. To continue the soft look, I dug out my silver silverware set, neutral napkins with a hint of lace and white plates. For your gathering, think about using white or glass pieces or sets with just a hint of color. I’m not even certain a tablecloth or place mats are necessary. Clean, clear and unadorned is beautiful. On this table, the food and drink will add the color. I adore both of these dinner plate sets. The curved silhouette of the blue plate and the subtle details on the ecru plate are ideal for this table. And this vintage pitcher I love. I had one just like it and when it broke, I was so sad.

Easter Brunch |this heart of mine


Because of the long winter we’ve endured, I’ve found myself purchasing more cut flowers than in other years. I just need the living-ness of them. An Easter brunch is a perfect setting for spring stems. Tulips, lilies, even pussy willow branches would be lovely atop the table. Additionally, I used the farm eggs as a centerpiece because the tones are sublime. Whether they are blown out or hard-boiled is up to you. Use this lacy vase set to hold the springy stems. This glass bowl with subtle texture fits on this table and the egg tray would be so helpful in serving.

Easter Brunch |this heart of mine

Easy Foods

And finally, the clincher to having a deliciously simple brunch is, of course, the food. Prep as much as you can in advance, the day or night before, so the day of can be about eating together, everyone at the same time. For omelets, chop the add-ins the day, prep the breakfast casseroles the night, even put beverages in the pitchers. Make the day-of work as easy as you can. It makes a big difference in the feel.

Here are a few this heart of mine recipes perfect for a brunch:

Almond Coffee Cake
Butterscotch Rolls
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Cinnamon-Sugar Muffins
Quiche Lorraine
Sausage, Egg & Biscuit Casserole

I do love a table to varying heights. This lovely cake stand would hold a coffee cake or sweet rolls beautifully. A three-tiered tray would definitely help serve food without taking up much space.

Easter Brunch |this heart of mine

In the end, it’s not what the event looked like, it’s about the feelings it evoked. So keep it simple so stress and the pressure of grandure are eliminated. Eat and be together. Happy Easter!

For your own Easter brunch, these are just for you.

Glass bowl | Egg Tray
Cake Stand | Three-tier Stand | Doile Vase Set
Dinner Plate | Vintage Pitcher | Dinner Plate

Easter Brunch |this heart of mine


The Creative Coterie

April 9, 2014

The Creative Coterie

As I’ve hinted at, I’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes. A couple of them are still very much in process but one is far enough along to share. For the past few months, I’ve been brainstorming and collecting information so I could organize a gathering for local creatives. The Creative Coterie (coterie means circle or clique, just fancier) is the name I came up with for the community of creatives I hope to gather together. I think the Twin Cities and Minnesota both have a lot of incredible things happening on the creative front and I want get together so we can all get to know each other. :)

In addition to having fun and making all kinds of creative synergy, I have hopes The Creative Coterie will be a place to connect with other local professionals; a place to gather with people who do what we do. I hope it is a place to find support for this field and a resource for any number of things. I am hopeful we can inspire each other and advocate for our spot in the world.

With the encouragement and insight from a few lovely friends, I’ve got the big items in place and now I am working on the smaller, funner parts. So, on Tuesday, May 13th, we are having the very first official fete at Foxglove Market & Studio in St. Paul. I am so very excited. I want it to be here already but then again, not quite yet. I still have some work to do. I can’t wait to share more with you as it continues to unfold!

If you are a local, you can get more information from the new tab in the button bar above. MN Creative Coterie holds all the information you’ll need. Come join!

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