Gold Foil Glass Tumblers

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Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

I always enjoy the story of how projects come about. Sometimes it’s a need. Sometimes it’s a want. Sometimes it’s just a wild idea. So what is the story for these gold leaf tumblers? Well, first, I have to confess something – I love walking through art stores dreaming about things I would like to make. And if I had endless funds, time and space, I would love to own just about every art material there is. Just to have them. A few months ago, while picking up supplies for a different project, I came across materials for gold foiling glassware. I couldn’t help myself and purchased it.

Soon thereafter, while aimlessly perusing the aisles of Target, I found basic, inexpensive tumblers and I felt like it was a sign to bring foiled tumblers to reality. Now, this story makes it seem like I spend a lot of time wandering around frivolously spending money. This is definitely not the case. However, it is the story for these glasses.

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

With packing and moving and now unpacking in this rental, I’ve been going through our belongings to reorganize, repack and get rid of things. It’s one of my favorite activities. I’ve tossed clothing, decorative items and kitchen wares and there are a lot more boxes to go through. Knowing these glasses were in the works, I donated some old glasses of ours. We didn’t use them that often since it’s really only the adults that use real glass glasses in our house and they were cloudy. I was excited to move them out because I love brand new glassware. Clean and clear, unclouded by numerous trips in the dishwasher. Plus these tumblers have an extra shiny gold touch. I’m hoping to keep these shiny guys clean and clear with new Finish® Quantum Max™ (found at Target, just like the tumblers). Long live the shine!

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine


-glassware, clean and dry
-mirror effect metal leaf
-gilding paste

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

First, apply the gilding paste; it’s the ‘glue’ for the metal leaves. I used my finger to smear the paste into an abstract pattern. This paste enables lots of texture from subtle, like mine, to heavily textured.

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

Once the white paste turns clear, it’s ready for foil. Press the metal leaf sheet, gold part out, to the paste. Rub it gently but firmly so the metal sheet touches all the now tacky paste.

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

Gently peel the metal leaf sheet off the glass and watch it shine.

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

Coat the metal leaf design with a varnish to protect it. The gold will probably eventually fade with continuous wash but then you can just redo it! Also note: these materials are not food safe so keep the design below where your mouth will touch the glass or keep them for decorative use only.

Gold Foil Tumblers | this heart of mine

Now you need to make your own glasses. To get you started off right, I have a couple of treats for you. First, you can save 5% on NEW! Max in ONE & Quantum Max Small Size from March 29th through April 25th at your nearest Target with this Cartwheel coupon.

Then! A giveaway! Awesome prizes for 4 different winners so make sure to sign up. Winners must be 18+.

Finish #ShineAndProtect Giveaway!

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  1. I love these glasses! I’ve never even thought about making something like this myself, but I am totally inspired now. Some new glasses like these would be the perfect way to welcome in the warmer weather! #client

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