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Not sure we’ve been introduced yet, I’m Amy Christie.

Amy Christie

I am wife to a hilarious and tolerant blue-eyed guy, who I call MJ.

I am also a stay-at-home mom to a wildly exuberant, curly-headed daughter (She stole the curls from me. Hope I get them back some day!) and a sweet, albeit sometime two-year-terror, who is growing at an alarming rate. My Love Bug and Sweet J.

Kindergarten Adventure | this heart of mine

When I’m not performing tasks that put me in contention for mother and wife of the year, I am a maker. A maker of just about everything. I adore my digital SLR camera and using in the manual mode has been groundbreaking. I also occasionally use my sewing machine and am glad to report my skills have risen to right below intermediate. I like doing things myself and finding cheaper ways to do them. If there is a way to do it, I will try it. I always have something I’m working on or something I’m thinking of working on or something I want to learn about. My husband has kindly said that he has no desire of being in my head. It’s a busy place!

It’s this busyness that brought about the blog. I needed a place to point my creative energy and thus, this heart of mine was born.


This blog would be a place to share the projects, the recipes, the goofy stories about family life and being a parent, the photos, and the products I’ve found that are worth sharing. The whats and how-tos. And possibly some do-nots. Maybe it will be helpful; maybe it will be inspiration; maybe you will try it and find an even better way to doing it.

If the latter is the case, please share it with me. I would really appreciate it.

So would my husband.

He hates it when I complain.

And that’s the long and the short of it.

I’ll be here. Making and creating and building and dreaming and scheming and organizing and cleaning and cooking and baking and eating and snuggling and wrestling and laughing. Yes, lots and lots of laughing.

I promise.

Family Photos 9

Life is amazing, in this heart of mine.

-amy c

10 thoughts on “about amy

  1. Hi Amy. This is one of the most interesting ‘About Me’s I’ve read:-) I love your positivity, it kind of shines through in your smile.

    I’ve been trying to get your email id from your ‘Contact’ section but for some reason it’s throwing up an error.

    Can I have your email id? There is a project I would like to discuss with you. Alternatively, you can also write to me directly if you like at iluvgifting@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

  2. Hey Amy…it was so much fun & enlightening having lunch with you today at the YAYA Conference!! I will definitely be checking in on your blog from now on;-)

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