Baby’s Breath Crown

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

There is a picture tucked into one of the albums of my youth. I am wearing a rose-colored, calico pinafore over a three-quarter sleeve white shirt (all handmade by my momma) with a baby’s breath crown on my head. Ribbon strips on the backside hang down my back. My blond hair is a bit fuzzy and, though I can’t remember for sure if any of my teeth were missing, I am of the age when it was possible. The crown definitely had that countrified 80s style flair. Haha!

I loved the crown; it was a dress-up favorite. It was just fancy enough for a little princess dancer to wear while twirling but not too special to keep for only special occasions. I thought Love Bug would thoroughly enjoy a baby’s breath crown. She loves all that is fancy.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

Baby’s breath always seems to play second fiddle in flower arrangements. Its small florets are often tucked in next to larger, bolder flowers. However, baby’s breath is wonderful on its own. I remember pushing Bug on a walk one day when she was still very little and one of the turns was right by a baby’s breath bush. I often stopped, breathed in its aroma and smiled. It smelled just like my little Bug’s sweet breath. I’ve adored it ever since.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine


-baby’s breath
-green floral tape

*The wire type is up to you. The higher the gauge, the easier it is to manipulate. I used a steel wire, I think, 18 gauge. I can’t remember what it was exactly because the packaging is gone.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

First, form a halo to fit the head you’re crowning. I created hooks with the two ends, hooked them together and then pinched each hook with the pliers so they stayed closed.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

Cut the baby breath stems into small bunches. You can decide what size works for you. I used the size shown below to the right. Start with one bunch, lay it against the wire and wrap around it with the floral tape. Continue around the circle, tucking baby’s breath bunches in and wrapping it with the tape.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

I chose to cover a little more than half with the flowers and wrapped the rest of it with just the floral tape.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

That’s it! It goes pretty quick and then you have a simple (and beautiful) baby’s breath crown.

Baby's Breath Crown | this heart of mine

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25 thoughts on “Baby’s Breath Crown

  1. how does the baby’s breath look when it’s dried? Is it still white? This is a beautiful crown, I might make one for myself when I unpack my pliers!

  2. I love this!!! one question, was the floral tape sticky? Is this the self sealing kind that sticks on itself? I am thinking about making this for a bachelorette party but I want to know if the tape will feel sticky on the wearer’s hair?


  3. Love this! I will be making some for a wedding, how long in advance can I make it, and do I store it in the fridge or just leave it out? Thanks so much!

    1. As I said below (above?), I’m not certain what making them in advance will do. But I do know baby’s breath lasts a long time and I would store them in the fridge until you use them. Hope it works!

  4. I too am wondering how far in advance of the wedding I can make these adorable wreaths? The wedding is next Saturday & I’d love to make them Thursday or Friday, but how far in advance can I make them & how do I properly store them to keep fresh?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Such a good question. I am not for sure about advance making but….I do know baby’s breath lasts a long time, especially if they are stored in the fridge. I think if you make the crowns a few days early, they will look great.

    2. I’m wondering if you made them a day or two early would you store them between damp paper towels in a box in fridge or would that damage the green tape?
      I’m just not sure how to keep them fresh for a day or two before THIS Saturday’s wedding?

      1. When I made this crown, it stayed fresh (white blooms, a brighter green) for a long time. It slowly dried out and while it’s still together now, the blooms are more antique-y white. I want to say with a high level of certainty that if you made them in the later half of this week, they will be fresh and lovely on Saturday.

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