Clothespin Wrap Dolls

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

We are headed out on a family vacation in the near future. One of those long drive destinations. The question that all parents mull over is how the heck to get everyone from point A to point B with the least amount of mental breakdowns. For us the parents, I mean. I travel with a bag (or bags) full of things to do – magazines, lists, sketchbook, a collection of electronic devices, etc – though if I’m being honest, I usually zonk out on long rides. Exhaustion from the ‘fun’ of planning and packing really takes it out of me. Anyway, it seems my habits are rubbing off on my children because when we leave the house, like, to go anywhere, Love Bug and Sweet J feverishly grab dolls, stuffed animals, a armful of cars, a wooden spoon, the attachment to the vacuum cleaner, anything nearby to drag along on our trip. It’s funny until one has to carry it all that stuff back in the house. Every. Single. Time.

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

In an effort to stymie protests in support of packing bags of random household items, I have packed the activity bag. Markers/colored pencils and (lots of) paper, books, music and these clothespin dolls. Small with lots of playing potential, these wooden friends will be the actors in a variety of scenarios across the miles we will travel.

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

These dolls have been made again and again. Here’s how I did it.


-embroidery thread
-hot glue

Clothespin Wrap Dolls 4

Wrap the thread around the clothespin in the outfits you desire.

Clothespin Wrap Dolls 5

Stripes added some excitement to these wooden peep’s wardrobes. Thick or thin, it’s a nice change from solid on solid.

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

Love Bug had some requests for her ladies. She likes very fancy dresses and fancy hair (note to the pink hair band on the purple one above). For the one below, I tried to make a fancy flowy skirt. After gluing the lengths of thread at the waist, I unraveled the pieces to make it fuller. Tedious, yes, but a flowy skirt it made. The white band at the top of the skirt hid all the thread ends. Bug loved it. And the bangs.

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

For the dude hair, I cut tiny pieces of embroidery thread. It made fuzz. I covered the heads in hot glue and then rolled it in the fuzz. I think their hair might be my favorite part. I think it is a dead ringer for Sweet J’s head after nap time.

Clothespin Wrap Dolls 8

Of course I want to make a case for them to ride in, a place for them to play, etc but that’s for another day. Now that I have the activity bag packed, there is all the rest of the items to get ready.

Heaven help me…

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

The children immediately took to the dolls. I tried to get pictures of them playing with them but they couldn’t be bothered. Bug was deep into a drama with her ladies and Sweet J was launching his guys from the top of my work table along with his cars

Clothespin Wrap Dolls | this heart of mine

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59 thoughts on “Clothespin Wrap Dolls

  1. Hello, this is a genius idea! Where can I get the pegs though. never have seen them in stores (in Canada), only the China ugly plastic ones…..

      1. They used to be in 5 and dime stores but I think you could find them in the dollar tree or the Family dollar store. Next time I get to Walmart I’ll look. You can tell my age by 5 and dime store and their used to be Woolworth too. Oh maybe at Big Lots Store . They would be reasonably priced . I hope you can find them . They look so cute and easy to make. Wow your in Canada. I was there twice. We stayed near Toronto. My daughter played ice hockey. She was a Goal tender. We played a game at Missasagua too. My husband thinks Don Cherry is the Bomb! We ate at Wayne Greztgys resturant. I would love to come back but I took a fall at our Arby’s . I was working at Hershey Park and the next day I was off to see my grandson do a singing and dancing recital and we went to eat afterwards. I went flying down on my hands and knee’s . The floor have a greasy spot .it had been mopped and was dry ,but they just spread it around .I am on disability . A mouse couldn’t live on what I get. I can’t drive very far . In around my little city. But my brother and my great sister in law take me to craft shows. I’ll shut up now . I hope you find the right clothes pins.

  2. I LOVE this. My two girls will flip over these. How did you make the heart on the top of the brown haired one? Genius!

  3. Christmas gifts done, I am so excited about this, I found it on pinterest. My 10 year old and I can make these together for my nieces and nephews…… very excited

    1. Great question Ilene? I used a dot of glue to hold the end of the thread in place and then wrapped until I was finished with the color. Used another dot to hold the end in place. If the thread didn’t stay in place, I used a few other dots of glue along the way. Use small dots because it will squeeze out between the threads.

  4. I don’t mean to sound inept, ok maybe I am, but I have the same question. Do you just wrap and glue the end of each thread??

    1. Haha Ann! You are not inept. :) I did answer the question above. I used very little glue. Most threads are just wrapped. I used glue for the ends and to keep any other threads in place. Good luck!

  5. Hello! I am wanting to make a nativity scene like this with my children, adding pieces each year so one day they each have a complete set, any suggestions on how to get started? I am not as creative as you so I am having a hard time getting the idea from my head to my fingers, any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks!

  6. the instructions say embroidery thread, however, it looks more like crewel yarn, especially the hair. is it the embroidery thread, crewel yarn or a combination that is used?

  7. Wondering if you have to use glue somehow to hold the embroidery string to the clothespin or does wrapping it do the trick.

    Thank you :)

  8. I love this idea going to try it right now & make some up for a grandchild for her birthday. PS: The dolls fits in a baby wipe box that I purchased at the dollar store in a pink color I was going to give away at a baby shower after I had it all paddled and by adding pretty pink fabric and ribbon boarder, but I now am going to use to hold the clothespin dolls approx. 10-12 will fit. I can’t wait to get started.

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