Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

I love handmade ornaments and I’ve waited a whole year to share these little firs. It started with an email from my mom last fall after she returned from a local gardening shop she and her husband frequent. The link was to a darling multicolored felt stack Christmas tree pair, something for the mantel, cute as all get out. I don’t have the link anymore (a year is a long time!) so you’ll have to take my word for it – they were darling. Of course, I had to make them. With a few tweaks.

For my version, instead of mantel-size, I condensed their shape into ornament size and fiddled with the measurements until it looked just right. When completed, they stand 4.5″ tall and at their widest are 2.5″. While I am an equal-opportunity color lover, a white, cream and oatmeal color worked best for my decor, with a little gold topper to finish them off.

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

The final product is soft and cozy and perfect for to hang anywhere. Here’s how to make them:


-felt, colors are up to you
-a strip of felt, 1/2 inch wide by 2 1/2 inches long
printable size guide
-embroidery thread (or regular thread)
-glue gun
-gold paint (to paint tree top square ‘star’)

First, cut all the felt squares, the amount and size according to the printable guide.

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

Then start stacking them up. Begin with the bottom (4 – 1 3/4″) and stack through to the top (6 – 1/2″). I arranged my colors so none of the same were next to each other but again, that part is up to you. Run a needle and thread through the center of each of the stacks until all are strung.

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

Add a dot of glue to the brown piece of felt and wrap it around the thread and itself, adding another dot of glue to keep the strip in place.

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

To finish up, add a dot of glue to one of the two star squares and sandwich them together, making sure to secure the end of the thread in between the pieces. This step not only holds the stack in place but is where the hanging loop is created. Then arrange the felt pieces, off setting the pieces from each other.

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

Then hang them and smile at their adorableness.

Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

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90 thoughts on “Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

  1. Thank you for your inspiration … perfect last second xmas present for my twins teachers … and really easy and ever so quick

  2. I love this felt xmas tree ornament. I am going to be making and hope I am successful – they are adorable !

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. I love the felt tree. I want to make a few for little gifts in my bag of mixed hand made items. I plan to start tomorrow and then check on some other ideas you have. My friends love my hand made gifts.

  3. I must be doing something wrong because when I open the size guide, all I get are thousands of numbers and letters. Can anyone give me the sizes to cut out, I would love to make some.
    Thanks i advance,

    1. From top to bottom:
      2 squares – 1/2 inch (for the star)
      6 squares – 1/2 inch
      6 squares – 3/4 inch
      6 squares – 1 inch
      6 squares – 1 1/4 inches
      6 squares – 1 1/2 inches
      6 squares – 1 3/4 inches
      6 squares – 2 inches
      4 squares – 1 3/4 inches

      1. From top to bottom:
        2 squares – 1/2 inch (for the star)
        6 squares – 1/2 inch, 2 of ea color
        6 squares – 3/4 inch, 2 of ea color
        6 squares – 1 inch, 2 of ea color
        6 squares – 1 1/4 inches, 2 of ea color
        6 squares – 1 1/2 inches, 2 of ea color
        6 squares – 1 3/4 inches, 2 of ea color
        6 squares – 2 inches, 2 of ea color
        4 squares – 1 3/4 inches

  4. So cute! I am definitely going to try these! On the directions, I see the picture with the needle and thread, but I don’t see anything written about that picture. Which direction do you thread? How thick do you make the thread? Do you knot one end?

    1. Hey Kristy – I added a little more information to the directions. The direction you send the needle through the felt doesn’t matter, you just need to make sure you have extra thread at the top and bottom. As it says in the directions, you can use whatever thread you’d like. I used embossing thread because it’s a bit thicker. I didn’t use any knots when I did it and instead relied on the felt ‘trunk’ to hold the bottom and the gold ‘star’ to hold the top. Hope that helps!

  5. I cut out the templates and will be cutting the felt while riding in the car for 6 hours! can’t wait. I just have one question, what is the approximate size of the felt for the trunk?

  6. Amy I love these little trees! I made my first one with red light green and dark green. I sprayed the squares with white glitter, it looks amaze. I’m going to do the next one with white and blue felt. Thank you for the post this is one of the best little Christmas craft ideas I’ve seen.

  7. Great tutorial! I just have one question – did you really use just 4 squares for the bottom, or is that a typo? You seem to have 6 squares cut out in the picture where it’s all laid out.

  8. I just made three of these in shades of white, like yours–they are great! I used a bead at the top for the “star” and I like how it came out. Now I plan to make some more in shades of green. Thanks for a wonderful project!

  9. Love these! I just made one in shades of green, sewing a gold button on top as a star. I took 1/4″ sheer ribbon and strung little beads on them, winding around the tree as tinsel. The little beads spells the last name of the recipient. Very cute!

  10. I love these. I have some scraps of my mom’s clothes from years ago when I made a quilt for my Dad after she died. This will be perfect gifts for the rest of the family. Thank you so much!

  11. Love these little trees! Several years ago I started making hand made Christmas tree ornaments. I wanted to have a tree, decorated totally with hand made ornaments . Mine too are mostly felt, love using the felt. I add beads, sequins, pearls, what ever! Two years now I have a tree full of hand made ornaments. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. This is adorable! I can’t tell from the pictures what you have used for the “trunk”. What is it? I want to make sets of these for my family for Christmas. Thanks.

  13. Just saw this 05/14/15 on Pinterest feed.

    Does anyone know a way to batch cut squares to sizes needed? I’m proposing this as a craft project for Vacation Bible School (VBS) this summer.

    That means hundreds of pre-cut squares – for about 60 kids who will be grouped by grades from pre-school to 5th grade.

    We would assemble kits of pre-cut squares and (maybe) threaded needles to make smaller trees/cones, say 2 1/2.” Smaller objects would be faster to make. Provide topper options in baskets, i.e., bells, balls, bows, winter animals, cardinals, glitter, pre cut ribbon & twine lengths for hanging.

    I welcome ideas on how to make this a VBS kid friendly project. Ages pre-school to 5th grade.
    – No needles for little ones. Maybe just glue for everyone?
    – Elmer’s or Mod Podge? Definitely no glue guns for kids.
    – No tree base; kid writes VBS 2015 + own name on bottom / top square.
    – Is this too complex a project for this age? Session is appx 20 minutes.
    – I’m going to make some samples and time the assembly; I’m not crafty.
    – Other advice?

    1. Cut lots of strips in each width using a rotary cutter, then cut each strip into the squares. I would try using a hole punch in the center of each square then have the kids stack the felt on a dowel cut to whatever length. Use a brown bead glued to bottom of dowel and a gold or r e d bead on top.

  14. These are so cute! Have you ever tried making them with really long triangles of felt, folded back and forth so that the folded edges form the boughs of the tree? It would have to be one color (probably) but I’m gonna try!! Then twist the folds into place around the tree. Just a variation on this great idea. Thanks for the directions!

    Yes, hold those sweet babies in your arms all you can! They grow up far too fast. (my youngest is 26!!)


  15. Terrific! I make many craft items with upcycled wool that I felt in my washer and dryer, so this is a perfect item to add to the mix! I keep my “felt” stash sorted by color in plastic storage tubs and right now there seems to a LOT of green, so I’m thinking Green Christmas trees. THANKS!

  16. I made two of these for my tree and I love them! You mentioned mantel size of these trees – do you have a pattern or dimensions of those? I’d really love to make bigger ones for decoration!

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