Rainbow Tee

Love Bug recently became interested in rainbows.

She really loved this shirt I made for her. For the first go, she wore it for 48 hours straight: day, night, day. This kind of behavior makes a mom feel like the king queen of the world. So I thought she would enjoy making a shirt with a rainbow, especially if it meant she would get to paint. She loves to paint. Sweet J has changed so much from this post!

Using the Setacolors Transparent Fabric Paints I used on these ribbons, we created a new shirt together.

I cut a rectangle of white jersey from an old t-shirt and ironed it to a piece of interfacing so it wouldn’t stretch out while she was painting.

To prepare the colors for Bug, I put a few paint drops in each cup and then mixed them with water.

I love watching children create.

It’s one of my very favorite things.

Once Bug was finished, we placed it in the sun to dry. The next day, I ironed the painting for 2-3 minutes to set the colors – part of the Setacolors process. Then I trimmed down the painting to just the rainbow.

I used invisible thread to sew the rainbow to a tee in Love Bug’s size. I sewed around the outside edge and then did a couple more lines, following the colors, to tack down the middle. Why invisible thread? Because it was on my machine and I didn’t feel like changing it. Besides, it’s invisible! How cool it that? :)

I LOVE this shirt. I love the soft color. I love how the colors bleed together. But I most love that Bug did it. I want one too. I am working on it. Not so much a rainbow. Just using the paints on my own clothes.

Bug could not be bothered to have her photo taken. The weather has been absolutely fantastic the last few days and Love Bug has been outside for almost every minute of it. It was inconvenient to stand still for these pictures. Thankfully, her sense of humor is still stronger than her ‘annoyed with mom’ sense.

Now all we need is a pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow.

Yes, yes we do.

Take care.

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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Tee

  1. Wow!! This looks like a fun project for the kido… and they will be so kicked because they did it…

    Thank you, now all i need is the colors. :)

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