Homemade Valentines

When I was little, we always made our own Valentines. I can’t remember any of them specifically (save one) but I remember working on them, writing the names of classmates and signing my own name.

(The only Valentine I remember in detail was kind of a self-portrait; a cut out head with hair and facial features with arms and hands. The arms folded in at the ‘elbows’. Then the recipient would open the arms to reveal the message. It was like sending a hug in the mail. Hope to make those someday. Thanks Mom.)

We went with really simple this year. Love Bug has to take some to share for our class (with sweets) and I wanted to send a few to our loved ones as well (sorry, no sweets).

First up, the sweets filled ones for class. I have seen so many neat Valentine ideas on various blogs and decided to make my own design. For the ‘sweet’ part, I decided on fruit snacks. Bug loves them, they aren’t candy, per se, plus, one of the girls in the class has a nut allergy so I picked something everyone could enjoy.

Of course, I could make something without a little artsy flair. Bug and I, though mostly me as she got side-tracked by a snack, made some melted crayon paper for the hearts. It’s very easy and artistically gratifying.

I made a simple template on Microsoft Word, the rectangles and words and printed them on colorful printer paper. I used my awl to make holes for the hearts to attach to.

Then Bug helped me use my paper cutting machine to cut out hearts in two sizes. I paired up the hearts and attached the hearts using metal heartbrads.

After trimming around the ‘packages’, I folded them in half.

When it came to stapling, Bug assisted me again. I placed it, she squeezed. With one side folded, we stapled two sides,

then placed the fruit snack pouch

and then stapled up the third side.

Done and done. And with time to spare!!

For our family ones, I drew again from my childhood. I don’t know what kind of creating books you had as children, but one that was really popular in our house was Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbpring Drawing Book. It is a book all about creating characters with a thumbprint and a pen. I remember making homemade book after homemade book filled with thumbprint creatures. I thought this was another one Love Bug could participate in.

I made another simple template in Word and printed them on white cardstock.

After digging out my stamping pads and showing Bug what to do, she dove right in. She was very interested in getting inked. : )

I helped her place her thumbprint on each card.

Then, on our practice sheets, I showed her how to add some personal touches and she was off. She added the eyes and mouth to all her ‘thumb bodies’.

I added in the MJ and Amy ‘thumb bodies’. I also added arms, legs and hair to Bug’s bodies.

You don’t have the tell me because I already know. The likenesses are uncanny, huh? : )

Take care and happy Friday!

-amy c

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  1. I remember one you made in 4th or 5th grade… they were “basket weave” hearts- mine was pink & white and you stuck little treats inside. I remember thinking it was so clever and making them for my family lol :)

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