Egg Fiesta!

The official term for these surprise eggs is Cascarones and they originated in China. But I’m going with Egg Fiesta because this is my blog and I can.

It begins with turning something ordinary, like these eggs,

into something extraordinary.

And then (with a heavy heart), smashing it to reveal the fiesta inside!

They are very simple.

1. Collect any number of cleaned out egg shells.

It’s kind of challenging to crack just the top part of them but keep your eyes on the fiesta prize. It’s worth it. I tapped the end of the egg on the counter to get it to crack a bit then went in with my fingers to remove the broken parts. (You can use a Dremel or egg topper to make this step easier. I, of course, love a good challenge.)

Then I emptied out the yolk part for any number of cooking excursions, rinsed the shell and let it dry back in an empty carton.

2. Next, dye the eggs fun colors.

I used McCormick’s food coloring for my eggs, following the directions on the package. The mottled ones happened because I threw some sprinkles on them when I pulled them out of the dye.

So pretty!

3. Fill the eggs with confetti, purchased stuff or homemade.

Love Bug and I had fun with this step. Using our paper shredder, we sliced up some headed-for-the-recycling-bin paper. I thought we would be able to send the slices through again but after failing, we used scissors to cut the strips into little squares which was an added bonus since Bug is still loving her scissors.

After amassing a good amount of scrap paper confetti, we threw in a bag of actual metallic confetti to make it more festive.

4. Fill and stuff the eggs.

I found using a sophisticated paper funnel worked best.

Love Bug like stuffing.

All filled up!

Egg Fiesta!

5. With watered down white glue, attach a small square of tissue paper over the hole.

I actually held each egg in my hand to attach the tissue paper but after having my third hand surgically removed, I had to use the egg carton to hold the egg while I took this action shot.

**I forgot that high-color tissue paper has lots of dye in it which of course bled all over the place when I was using the watered-down glue. Through some therapy, I have accepted this oversight as the eggs still look pretty. But if you are unsure whether you will be able to accept this possible outcome, use light colored tissue paper.**

6. Allow to dry.

7. Smash!!! Or keep them forever. Whichever makes you happier.

Because this step will be bittersweet (all this beauty and work smashed in a matter of seconds), I will wait to show true fiesta pictures after I share them with my family over Easter.

Take care. Happy fiesta!

-amy c

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