From the horribly addicting wonderfully captivating world of Pinterest, I came across a pin with these do-it-yourself spongeballs from the One Charming Party blog and immediately saved it on my to-do list. What fun! And with the muggy, mucky weather we’ve had lately, it was a perfect time for some water play. I whipped up these babies in no-time and we had ourselves our first family water fight.

It was a little rough in the beginning because Love Bug misunderstood what exactly a water fight entailed (i.e. getting hit with wet, water-filled spongeballs). She never did really warm up to being sploshed but was more than willing to wing one in at Mom and Dad

To make your own spongeballs, you will need:

– sponges (I used two sponges per ball and they were plenty full. OCP used three per ball so you can decide for yourself. Using just two sponges yields more balls per pack which is a bonus in my book.)

– scissors for cutting the sponges apart

– string for tying (OCP used dental floss. I found this irritating because the floss kept breaking so I used a multi-ply cotton string and was much happier.)

1. Cut each sponge in half and each half in half again so you end up with four pieces per sponge.

2. With the help of a buddy (or a very helpful spouse), gather eight strips in your hand and give them a tight twist.

3. Tie a piece of string around the middle of the sponges and secure with a knot.

4. Trim the tails of the string and fluff up the spongy tentacles. Admire your work.

5. Soak in water and launch at anyone nearby.

**This is not just for children. It also works as a form of couples therapy and is much less expensive. You’re welcome. **

Take care.

-amy c

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