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I don’t claim to be a world-class photographer. I don’t even claim to be a fabulous one like a few of my friends (Dawn, Jennifer, Kristine, Marie, Michelle, to alphabetically name a few).

However, I have figured out how to take photos with a look and style I like though I fully expect to grow and improve.

So, I’m a bit of a control-freak when it comes to photographing our lives, our children. I get anxious when I hand over my camera because I have already pictured the shot in my head and I realize it’s highly unlikely that another human can replicate that since they can’t see inside my head.

Of course, the down-side to this is that I am behind the camera more than in front of it which is fine with me as I don’t need millions of photos of myself. I do make sure I have a few with my children and MJ as the years go by so someday I can look back and say “Wow, was I young once!”. Moms and dads, do make sure to get in front of the camera sometimes so your children can look back and marvel at your young svelteness. It’s fun to see parents in their younger years.

On with the story.

Love Bug started preschool this week. (The first full session is today though she had a 30-minute visit last week and a half-session day on Tuesday.) She is so excited and so happy about going. During the first 30 minute visit, she told me she had “the bestest teachers ever!” and she that loved school already.

MJ really wanted to be involved in this new step in her life and decided to take some time off so he could take her to the half-session on Tuesday. With MJ home, I made Sweet J’s four month appointment (already?! I know!) so I could just take him. The appointment was early enough, I thought I could get back in time to take some pictures and see them off.

But I was a little late. They were in the car when I pulled into the driveway. I asked if I could have a minute to take some pictures but MJ said they needed to go and he had taken some already, had it covered. I kissed my baby and they drove off.

As Sweet J and I got into the house, I wondered about the photos. This is what he got.

I just cracked up. He did take some pictures but I’m not sure I want these to be it for ‘First Day at Preschool’ shots.

I used my camera in manual, which MJ forgot to switch to auto so the pictures are too dark. That’s not so bad. Darkness can be remedied.

And sometimes, she doesn’t like having her picture taken.

But seriously!

We did ‘Take 2’ this morning. Again, not Nobel Prize winning but at least she is looking at the camera.

And her hands are up because it was pretty dern chilly this morning!

I love my husband dearly but I don’t trust him with my camera. : )

Thankfully he does have a few other indispensable traits. But maybe there is a photography class is in his future??

Take care.

-amy c


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3 thoughts on “Photo Skills

  1. Ok really…. I LOVE Mikes photography skills :) Go Mike Go! It brings a smile to my face. PS to Amy- you are an amazing photographer and I love seeing your pictures but Mike’s is all about real life as a Dad see’s it.

  2. I laughed out loud at seeing these photos because a very similar scenario takes place at our house when milestones are in need of being photographed. I have a great husband who is an amazing dad, but finds himself unable to reach my unreasonable expectations surrounding photography. His photos do capture his perspective, though, and for that reason they are precious, just as they are here.

  3. That’s too funny! Sometimes I have to let go too and I’m terrified of the result. Brian has gotten pretty good with getting some shots of me and the kids if I have the camera settings ready for him! I’m ready to put him through my workshop so he can be the dadarazzi too! Great shots nonetheless for you to remember, and you got a good laugh out of it too. Oh, and thanks for the mention! How sweet!

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