Sparkly Birthday Invites

It’s getting redundant but I turned 30 recently. Thirty-five days after my day, it’s MJ’s day and he will turn 30 as well. He likes to say I’m a year older than he is. It’s clearly untrue.

Well, we are having a party.

And what do birthday parties need? Invites.

I thought about doing electronic ones but I wanted to go old school.

After seeing these fabulous things on You Are My Fave, my decision was made

I found my glassine bags here on Amazon.

In a basic word document, I formatted the invite. I printed them all on my printer by tacking them to a piece of paper and sending it through. I’m sure there is a better way but it worked for me.

I let the ink dry overnight.

Then I collected sparkly, shiny items from my collection. Red streamers, shiny ribbon and various kinds of confetti. The little tubes filled with confetti were actually a birthday gift from my aunt L a looooooooooong time ago. Glad I kept them.

All the shiny bits went into the nearest bowl which was one of my old pots in Love Bug’s play kitchen.

Then I stuffed the envelopes.


I can hardly wait!

Take care.

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5 thoughts on “Sparkly Birthday Invites

  1. Very cute! Loved catching up on your blog a bit too. Your art is beautiful! Have fun catching up with it and congrats on getting your own exhibition.

    I loved your year wrap up. Your photography is beautiful. I recently saw your nutella hot chocolate pinned by one of my friends and I had a “Hey…I know her {kind of} moment.” Kind of fun. :)

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

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