Party Prep

I have a lot to do for our party tomorrow. Not insurmountable, just a hefty list. It’s mostly food stuff though I should add a nap to my list.

Last weekend I decorated so we’ve been living all week with this look.

My paradise. MJ’s less-than-paradise.

I have an affinity for sticks. MJ does not. Too bad for him.

Sometimes I think he just likes to grumble. :)

In planning the party, this is the vision I had for a decor element.

These stick beauties were part of a blown down tree across the road from us. MJ was not about to encourage any more stick salvaging so when my dad visited after Christmas he helped me saw off branches and bring them home.

I used white, metallic and gold spray paints to give a few of the sticks a light coat. I had to cut them down a little more just to fit in the room.

The glass balls were a 50%-off after-Christmas sale buy. I filled some with crinkled ribbon.

And for a few, I drizzles in some glue, added some heart confetti and shook it until the hearts stuck.

The sticks by the mirror are held in place in weighted buckets. The others are ziptied to our floor lamps.

I’m thinking of adding lights but not sure.

I’m excited to get it all together. So I better get to work.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm!

Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Party Prep

  1. Did you know that if you just put water in a glass xmas bulb and then empty it, sequins will stick in there? Then you don’t have to mess with glue. I found that out on pintrest.
    Have a wonderful birthday party…. I still remember Mike’s 21st (was it is 21st?)…. “Go shorty… it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birfday” was the big song that year! :)
    Love ya! Say hi to the family from us!

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