Cranberry Limeade Bubbly

One more party post.

For this week anyway. :)

No party is complete without a punch bowl filled with a beverage. Not a fan of the “traditional” punch, I came across this recipe in a magazine though I don’t remember which one. Sorry. I’m one of those people who tears things out of magazines, cuts them down and organizes them in one of my many subject-specific 3-ring binders. During my flurry to organize, I sometimes forget to write down from whence they came. Yes, I know I’m an organizing freak.

This drink caught my eye because of the beautiful color, the use of cranberries  (they are so pretty) and the limeade part. I love all things lime.

I skewered cranberries before the party and threw them in the freezer. I thought the coldness would help the drink stay cold. I also put cranberries in the punch bowl.

Just mix 2 parts limeade to 1 part cranberry juice cocktail.

Add in a splash of club soda or champagne if you’d like or just leave as is – as is is my favorite.

I accidently froze the drink mix parts by putting them outside, getting them cold for the party. It was great this way, made it a little bit slushy.

Garnish with some skewered berries and/or a slice of lime.

Have a great weekend. We are laying low. It’s going to be grand.

Take care.

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