Party Cupcakes Part 1: Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes & Ganache

Birthday stuff again but I saved the best for last. The cupcakes. Part 1, featuring the chocolate ones is today and Part 2, the vanilla, is tomorrow.

For our 30th birthday party, I whipped up two different kinds of cupcakes and I had so much fun.

In another life, I think culinary arts could have been my path. Instead, I went with the less edible arts. Okay, non-edible.

The first is my very favorite cupcake, the Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcake I’ve shared before. It’s the one I make for myself when I have a hankering for cupcakes. I always top them with this Perfect Cupcake Frosting, created by the two “best” ladies.

This time, I added a layer of chocolate ganache which rocked my world. The pairing was sublime. Using my new kitchen scale, I was finally able to try this recipe. Instead of whipping it, I left it as is and poured it atop each cupcake.

Chocolate Ganache
from Cannelle et Vanille

100 grams heavy cream
125 grams bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped – I used Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chips and it worked great

Put the chocolate in a glass bowl. Bring the heavy cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate. Mix slowly starting from the center until all is incorporated and creamy.

Allow to cool slightly and then top cupcakes.

I tried out some edible gold powder too but since the frosting is that good, it got covered up. I didn’t mind.

Then, to finish them off, I did a little chocolate doodle with Wilton Candy Melts. This process was so fun also, I’m trying to figure out what I can doodle next.

The cupcake stands worked just perfectly. To give them a bit more height on the table, I wrapped a box in tissue paper and placed the the stand on top. It was our table centerpiece all last week. I was sad to see it go eaten.

Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Party Cupcakes Part 1: Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes & Ganache

  1. These are so pretty! Love the ganache layer…and love that someone else just got a kitchen scale too. I’m addicted to using mine that I got for Christmas!

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