Scrubba Dub Love Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a week a way. Are you ready?

I don’t have my beloved heart decorations up yet but I am mostly finished with Heart Day gifts – for family, friends, teachers and preschool classmates.

First up, some apropos gifts for teachers of germy preschool children. :)

I actually wasn’t thinking of giving the gift of anti-bacterial bliss but after seeing a cute soap project on Pinterest and seeing soap on sale at for $1, I decided, with a little Valentine’s Day twist, soap would be perfect.

I picked up my $1 soap.

I removed the labels with the help of Goof Off and gathered up my heart confetti.

Oh so pretty!!

I dumped some in.

Then replaced the lid.

After a little shake, this is what it looked like. It’s a good arm workout!

It’s like germ-fighting, Valentine’s Day confetti globes.

I did make a slight mistake, however.

I let them sit a bit too long and some of the red confetti starting to bleed.

You see, I got really excited and put these together the week of our birthday party. Then I got all distracted and they sat and waited for me to return.

It’s not so bad though. The confetti pieces still look pretty. The color red is just about the perfect shade. And, since the soap is used at the sink with water, the extra color won’t hurt anything. Still makes a good arm workout to shake them up.

If you need to make some Valentines and like this idea, you can download the tags below. Simply print and cut out.

Here’s to our ‘Scrubba Dub Loves’.

Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Scrubba Dub Love Valentine Gifts

  1. Hi, Amy. We were in the same class taught by Nicole yesterday. I just checked out your blog and it’s really fabulous. I really love the glitter soap project. My daughters love anything glittery! And I love getting their hands clean. A perfect idea!

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