Week 9: Express Yourself

I am have a problem.

I’m not talking about constantly misplacing my phone or watching Sweet J like a hawk so he doesn’t get into the garbage, or more recently, the toilet! Ewww! And I’m not talking about the sleep-deprivation.

No, my problem is time.

I’m having trouble finding time to get everything done, especially art work.

As I mentioned before, I have a solo art show coming up in August and I have some major work to do. I said I might not post every single day because of this. Well, I’m not following that because I just can’t help myself. I love sharing stuff here with you.

So, I’m starting something new. Yes, one more thing.

I take a lot of pictures. You’ve seen a few.

Sometimes I feel like I’m taking the same pictures over and over again, even when taking pictures of my children. I still love taking them but I needed a something more. A challenge.

After a bit of Googling, I found the perfect challenge.

Project 52 by MCP was done last year but it works this year too. Here is the list of challenges:

This project was something I had hoped to begin this with the new year but got side-tracked by life and let it go. But I’m starting now. Most weeks won’t have all this babbly garble; just the challenge title, the photo, maybe a little explanation of the photo and the next week’s challenge.

This is Week 9: Express Yourself.

This is one of my mottoes.

Even when I’m having a rough go of it, ‘Love it all’.

Up next – Week 10: Childhood Toys

I invite you to join in with the challenge too. If you want to share, send them my way. To avoid the spammers, I wrote it out.

amy (at) thisheartofmineblog (dot) com

Happy Hump Day. Oh and Leap Day too!

Take care.

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