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I am so excited about this tutorial!

Cherie is the fantastic creative spirit behind the blog You & Mie. Her sewing skills are out of this world. As a novice myself, I am in awe of the things she can sew. (You will be, too.) She is here today sharing one of the most giddy-giggle-inducing skirts I’ve seen. I love it!

It’s ‘spring’ in clothing form. (So awesome!)


Hello friends and fans of this heArt of mine! I am so honored that Amy asked me to share a project with you since she is the queen of creative and beautiful projects! She is also a photography role model of mine. And we’re celebrating SPRING! How could I resist? Spring is something that I am very excited about. I live in San Francisco, so I’m pretty spoiled by mild weather, but the gray and the rain get me down just as much as anyone else. I’m ready for some warm sunny days spent playing outside and going on picnics! So that is what has inspired the project I’m sharing with you today.

I call this The April Showers Skirt (because, you know, April showers bring May flowers!) and it is a reversible circle skirt. Of course, you can use whatever material you want for yours, but I chose to make one side gray and cloudy and used a bright floral print for the other to represent the changing of the seasons and the sometimes erratic weather patterns of spring. The best thing about this project is, not only is it SUPER simple but, you get 2 skirts in one!

So let’s begin! Here’s what you’ll need:
About 3/4-1 yard of lightweight cotton fabric in 2 coordinating fabrics
Bias tape
Safety pin
Sewing essentials

For optional applique:
Scrap(s) of fabric
Fusible web

A couple of notes about choosing fabric:
1. Since you are layering two pieces of fabric and adding bias tape for the hem, you want to keep the fabrics lightweight so you don’t weigh it down and it’ll still have that bouncy, twirly effect that circle skirts are famous for.

2. Also, you’ll want a print that looks good from all angles since that’s how the fabric is going to lay. If you pick something that has a clear up and down, your print will appear upside down on one side of the skirt (and sideways in other parts of the skirt).

3. Lastly, when choosing fabrics, hold them up against each other to see if one will show through. Since I picked a light gray and a bold print, you can see a little bit of the print from the gray side, but I was ok with it.

To begin, you’re going to need to know how to make a circle skirt. I used this awesome circle skirt tutorial from made to help me figure out how to make my circle skirt pattern. You’re going to need the waist measurement and the desired length of skirt and a little bit of math to make this pattern, but Dana did a fabulous job of breaking it down, so go over there and make your pattern and then come back here!

(Note: In Dana’s tutorial she attaches the elastic to the outside of the fabric and leaves extra fabric in the length for hemming. Here, we’re not going to hem the bottom, but we’re going to make an elastic casing from the material, so I figured it kind of balances out. I cut my fabric exactly the way Dana described, and it worked fine. If you plan on using a wide elastic or just want to be cautious, add an extra inch to the skirt length and you can always trim it at the end.)

Ok, so now that you have your custom circle skirt pattern, fold both of your fabrics into fourths and cut out your circle.

This is what it should look like when they are still folded. If you unfold them, they should look like donuts.

If you’re going to add applique, which is optional, now is the time to do it. Cut your scrap of fabric to the approximate size you’ll need and then cut your fusible web slightly smaller than that. Follow the directions that are specific to the fusible web you have.

The one I use most often is Pellon Wonder Under and I love it. It has a rough side and a paper backed side. Place the rough side down on the wrong side of the fabric and iron it on.

Now draw your design on the paper side and remember to flip your image since you are drawing on the wrong side of your fabric.

Cut it out, place it on the skirt where you want it to go (at this point, there is no front or back to the circle skirt, so you can put it wherever you want). Cover it with a damp cloth and iron it on.

It should be nice and adhered, but I always zig zag stitch around my entire applique to make sure it stays put!

Repeat with any other appliques you want to add to either side of the skirt (I decided to add the second cloud later, but I should have done it all at once).

Now to sew the two sides together, place them on top of each other right sides together. Pin the inner circle together and sew all the way around.

Take one layer of the skirt and push it through the center of the circle turning it right side out. Press.

Now we’re going to make the elastic casing by top stitching another circle around the waist leaving an opening to insert the elastic through. Make sure your casing is slightly larger than the width of the elastic you’ll be using.

To insert the elastic, separate the two layers and find the opening that you left. Attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic, and push it all the way around the circle back to the opening. Sorry, I didn’t photograph this part, but take both ends of the elastic and sew them together, trim the extra off and sew the opening shut. We’re almost done!

(At this point, you can measure the length and trim off extra fabric if necessary). Pin your bias tape around the outside of the circle.

Leave a few inches of bias tape at the beginning unsewn, then top stitch all the way around. When you get back to the beginning, you should be able to measure out where the bias tape needs to be sewn together. Sew the two ends of the bias tape with the right sides together. Press open and then finish top stitching the bias tape on.

And you’re done!!

Now your little one has two skirts to skip around in during the upcoming spring months!

I love both sides, but I think it’s extra fun to catch a peek of the colorful flowers on the underside of the gray. So fun!

I feel like the possibilities are endless with this reversible skirt. I might just have to make one for every season! :)

Thank you Amy for letting me join Spring Fling! I’ve had a great time celebrating the new season with you!


Thanks Cherie!

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26 thoughts on “Spring Fling with You & Mie

  1. what a fantastic idea and tutorial! thanks, cherie! my wheels are already spinning with fabric options – i think my daughter would love a skirt like this. :)

  2. Adorable skirt!! I’ve never tried to make a circle skirt, and you have inspired me. Did you also try a drawstring using the bias tape?

  3. Nevermind, I see that the drawstring is from her cute little jacket; it just matches!! You are truly a talented seamstress!!

  4. Perfect. Looks easy and I love it. I have a ton of fabric so this will be awesome to do in the near future! Thanks for sharing. Found you on pinterest.

  5. Is this 1″ bias tape? Do you just top stitch the bias tape on either side of the skirt. How much overlap? Does it look ok from the other side?

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