Spring Fling: Clothespin Flower Pot

One more post for the Spring Fling and a series on springtime would be incomplete without any mention of flowers. After seeing this pin, I had my inspiration.

Simple, inexpensive materials and easy steps come together to make a sweet little container for springy flowers.

The pin used a tuna can but since I don’t eat tuna, I used yogurt cups. The clothespins were a dollar section grab.

The yogurt cup was too deep so I cut down the container so the clothespins fit.

With a little glue and some glitter, the clothespins were transformed! Once they were dried, I gave them a coat with clear spray paint so the glitter wouldn’t get everywhere. I should have taken more pictures but, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really OC with glitter.

Then simply clip the clothespins on the container.

Ooooo, I just love ’em!

Then for the flowers.

My little daffodil beauties were a little tall in their pots so I moved them to shorter cups. If you have to do this too, make sure the cups have holes in the bottom so water can drain out. Apparently, plants can drown with too much water. On the other hand, plants die if you don’t water them. You wouldn’t believe the experience I have. :)

So springy! A perky little gift to brighten anyone’s day.

Thanks for following along with this Spring Fling! I’ll be back tomorrow with a round up of everything so you can easily find the fun posts. Thanks so much to my guest bloggers. It was so much fun collaborating with you all.

Happy spring!!

Take care!

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12 thoughts on “Spring Fling: Clothespin Flower Pot

  1. Amy, these are adorable! They would make adorable May Day gifts! I will admit when I saw the pictures in my blog reader, I had a hope that you were going to be sharing a recipe for “dirt cake”! ;)

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