‘Scaly’ Polymer Clay Letters

I’ve got some color for your Monday morning.

A friend of mine asked if I would beautify some letters for her home. I told her I would try.

Her letters were sturdy, multilayer chipboard letters, a lovely surface on which to be creative. We chatted about colors and textures and basically she told me to do whatever. Don’t mind if I do.

After some long deliberations on creative direction, I decided to use polymer clay, one of my favorite mediums. And I decided to make a fish scale pattern, using lots and lots and lots of circles.

In order for the polymer clay to stick to the letters, both while raw and after baking, I first put down an even layer of white glue. Not too much, not too little. And then I started laying down circles. If the glue dries before you can get to it, just add a little more.

To make scales, layer the rows of circles by placing subsequent rows halfway up on the previous row, as shown below. Continue until the surface is covered.

When the letter is covered, turn it over and trim off the excess.

Kind of fishy. :)

I like a finished edge so I cut a narrow strip (not pictured), a little wider than the letter itself, and, after laying down a layer of white glue, laid the strip in place and again, trimming the excess.

Raw and ready to bake.

But first, a little metallic powder. The powder sticks better on the raw clay than it does on baked clay.

I planned on doing a metallic powder/alcohol ink mix so, after initially over-powdering the ‘J’, metallic powder was only applied to part of the ‘D’ and ‘B’. Then I baked them according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Then came time for the alcohol inks, my most favorite part of all. On each letter, I used a gradient of colors, flowing from one tone to another.

Earth tones are my go-to colors so my collection is a bit deep in this color range. :)

The pinks are just so bright and cheerful!

And the bluey greens. Ahhh.

I did go back and use the ink on the edge.

Lastly, I coated the letters in clear gloss spray paint and allowed them to dry. I really like how they turned out.

The alcohol inks almost look like enamel.

All ready for shipping to their real home. Thanks J and family!

Take care.

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8 thoughts on “‘Scaly’ Polymer Clay Letters

  1. I was curious if you would consider possibly doing something like this for me. I obviously would pay what ever you would like. I am in a sorority and letters are a very important thing for our big little reveal! If you are interested I would love it and would make my life so much easier. Let me know!!!

  2. Would you be willing to make a set of these for me in blue ombre colors and I will purchase? I am in a sorority and would love to give these to my little on big/little reveal :)

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