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Hello again

How was your week? Ours was crazy busy as usual but I feel good. MJ and I were able to get lots of things accomplished, lots of delightful adulthood things. We were also able to get a handle on our summer schedule; when things are happening, when to do the things we want to do and getting things in line for upcoming events. The summer is just begun but it’s going to be over in a flash. We’ll have some fun before it’s through.

On to the the party details.

The past month has been a blur of celebrations and parties. In four weeks, I have baked up six batches of cake batter to make nine cakes (8 rounds, 1 cake pan) and two sets of 36 cupcakes. Yowza! I like baking and cake decorating but I have just about had it with cake, frosting and all the sugar that goes with it.

Deep breath…. I think I’m ready for a sugar fast….

….. maybe. :)

Before that, here’s part of the sugary details. To keep this post short-ish, I’m sharing more festivity-fun tomorrow.

It all started with Sweet J and his first birthday. A week or so before, I strung a simple garland up to begin the celebration. The color scheme was likened after a Design Seeds palette – Candied Cyan. Looking back, I’m not sure how I was able to choose just one palette, they are all so fabulous.

He and I were out of town for a conference on his official birthday so our family waited to celebrate until we returned home. Before that, he fell victim to the ‘one year photo’ curse and fell off a curb and scuffed his face. This started a succession of face boo-boos so first year photos are still on hold.

For his cake, I had my heart set on making a surprise cake I saw on i am baker. (Here’s the how-to.) If you like confectionery genius, check out i am baker. Her sweets are unique and gorgeous. 

The dots were supposed to be a little more randomly placed but, for my first time, I think it turned out alright.

I used these recipes for the cake and frosting; vanilla cake and its delectable frosting.

The dots were tinted to match the garland.

It was just our little family singing to him, after supper that night. He was a little confused.

Then curious.

And once he tasted the cake, nothing else mattered.

Sweet revelry. So Sweet J.

The next weekend, we traveled to Iowa for my dad’s 60th birthday.

Family togetherness, cousin playtime fun and more cake, of course.

Sweet J was at it again. He got prime seating on the birthday boy’s lap and was kind enough to share with him.

The sugar has hit his system I think. :)

Family togetherness means picture time. The evening light was perfect for natural light photos outdoors.

Some individuals were more willing than others to participate.

But, in the end, it was a successful photo shoot.

I think my favorite item I photographed that weekend was our firepit fire.

Did you know that a copper pipe with a length of cheap green hose inside burns all different colors?

It’s memorizing. Every second is different.

Up tomorrow, birthday fun for Love Bug.

Have a great Monday.

Take care.

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