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Welcome to a new week! Cherie from You and Mie is here to start the week out right. I am amazed at Cherie’s sewing abilities, just the most adorable little outfits for her so-very-sweet daughter. But don’t worry if your skills aren’t up to Cherie’s level (I’m there with you), today, she has a project for all.


Happy Sum Sum Summertime to you! I’m Cherie from you & mie and I’m so happy to be here celebrating my favorite season with Amy and all of her friends. I mainly sew for my daughter, but recently I’ve been dabbling more in sewing for me. I was looking for a fun and casual summer accessory and I think I found just the thing.

This project is super easy peasy and there is barely any sewing involved. It’s versatile and inexpensive to make, it takes no time at all (you could probably make one in less than 30 minutes) and did I mention it was easy!?

So what is it? It’s a Summer Vest/Wrap . . . thingy. (?!?!) So I don’t exactly know what to call it – maybe you’ll have a better idea? I took a very basic rectangle vest and added ties on the side. With just one small addition, it completely changes the entire look! Fun, right?

So here’s how you make it. You’ll need:

2 yards of lightweight knit fabric

First cut your fabric into a long rectangle, about 68 x 28 inches long (I’m 5’3″ and a medium build, so you can adjust accordingly).

You’ll also need two ties. Cut 4 strips of fabric that are 3 x 24 inches.

With two strips of fabric on top of each other, right sides together, cut one end of the strips so they come to a point.

Pin them together and sew with about a centimeter seam allowance. Trim the extra fabric around the point and turn inside out.

Now fold your long rectangle in half with the short ends together and cut out your armholes.

*Always cut your hole smaller than you think it should be. Knit is stretchy, so sometimes you only need a very small hole. If it’s too small you can always cut away more, but once you cut it, if it’s too big, you can’t make it smaller again!*

Here are the measurements I used to make my armholes.

Now if you wanted just a vest you can stop here and you’d be done. But now we’re going to insert the ties. Cut a straight line from the bottom of the fabric to the bottom of the armhole.

Now we’re just going to sew up the cut we just made, but we’ll insert one tie on each side. Unfold the fabric so the right side is up. With one cut edge facing you, place one tie 6 inches from the bottom of the armhole lining up the edges.

Place the other cut edge on top, right sides together, and pin. Sew straight up the side with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat on the other side with the other tie and you’re done!!

The great thing about knits is that it doesn’t unravel so there is no need to finish the edges.

So if you want to wear it as a vest, just tie a bow or knot in the back . . .

Or if you want to wear it as a wrap, pull the sides in and tie a knot in the front!

What do you think? Easy enough? I love how versatile this is – it can be dressed up or down. I can imagine using this at the pool or beach as a quick bathing suit cover up. But be warned, this is short in the back – so though it looks like a dress from the front, it doesn’t not provide any booty coverage!

Well I hope that you are all enjoying a great start to the summer season. And if you’re looking for a fun and quick project for yourself, please give this a try! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all – you can find me at you & mie. I’d love to see your creations if you use this tutorial, so please add them to the you & mie flickr pool!

Thanks so much for having me here, Amy! Happy Summer!


Thanks Cherie!

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