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Giving thanks is important to me. When others take time to do things for me and my family, I can’t help but think how blessed we are and I want to make sure their kindness is acknowledged. One way we show our thanks is to send handwritten thank you notes. Since my younger years, I have been fairly diligent about recording my thank you note list around Christmas and my birthday and systematically checking them off as the notes get written. MJ and I spent a good month after our wedding writing personal notes to all that took time to help celebrate our day. Baby gifts and our children’s birthday make for another round of notes. This year, after Bug’s birthday, I printed out a thank you note with spaces to write the gift-givers name(s), the gift and her name to get the habit started. I hope to share that sometime soon.

A few written thank yous have been missed along the way. Sometimes I just forget or my list gets lost in the shuffle. I read somewhere that carrying a little stack of cards in your purse or bag allows you to write thank you notes immediately. I loved the idea and after finding some small cards on clearance, I finally got this project together.

I used felt I had on hand and after some folding and testing, landed on a shape and size I liked. The measurements ended up at 8 1/2″ long from pointed tip to square edge with a 3″ deep pocket by 4 1/8″ wide. Because I wanted the white to be really white looking, I put in a layer of scrap fabric, slightly smaller than the felt. It would be unnecessary with other colors.

After sewing the stack together on the square end, fold the sewed edge up to make the pocket and pin in place. Pin the point of the envelope too to prevent shifting.

Sewing around the pouch.

Trim the thread and shifted felt as needed.

To make a closure, I again used what I had on hand. I threaded white embroidery floss through the point of the envelope and left long tails for wrapping.

I used an old necklace to add some color and weight to the tails.

Then fill it with little cards and you’re set.

Make one. Make a stack.

Felt Pouch 12

I have mine tucked in my purse already, poised to show thanks for the wonderful people in our lives.

Take care.

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  1. Wow i really love this idea! Super cute. I would love to make some of these too. I bet they also would be good for packing small gifts or jewelry. This I am going to be pinning for sure!

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