Milk Art

Yesterday, Love Bug and I did our first Pinterest project together. After seeing this post on milk art, I knew we had to try it. This pin was a total win. The project was quiet, required few materials, most of which we had already (just had to get 2% milk), and it was a perfect activity for a day spent inside, avoiding the oppressive heat.


  • plate, platter
  • milk – 2% or higher
  • food coloring
  • dish soap – I put some in a small syringe

Fill the platter with a thin layer of milk.

Add drops of food coloring. Then add a drop of dish soap and watch the color show. I laid out the color drops to better show the reaction. However, for this project, more color = more fun!

The dish soap breaks the milk fat barrier and sends the colors swirling around. It’s mesmerizing.

Add dish soap drops to areas where the color has started to collection to keep the colors moving. Seriously, it’s like a magical color show. The colors continue to swirl and undulate, bringing new colors to the surface in little curly trails.

We loved it so much we did it again and again until the milk was gone.

Each time, the reaction was unique and totally beautiful.

Just to continue the experiment, I tried a small circle plate too. Just as magical, just as beautiful.

The swirls!

I Bug can’t wait to do this one again.

Take care.

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4 thoughts on “Milk Art

  1. is there a way to keep the result permit on the plate? to put a layer of some material to keep it that way so that way we can make “set” of dishes?

    1. I like the idea but I’m not sure how you could go about doing that. I don’t know any food safe sealants off the top of my head and the milk/colors would have to ‘dry up’ on their own which would take a seriously long time I think. There are porcelain paints what you could paint and cure on dishes. You could even use the milk art as inspiration. :)

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