Falling into Fall with Studio DIY

Today, Kelly from Studio DIY is here to bring some haunting goodness to the fall series. Are you guys ready for October next week? I am definitely not. Thankfully Kelly is so inspiring!


Hello hello! Kelly here from Studio DIY sharing a fun project to get you in the Halloween mood. It may be hard to believe, but October is less than a week away! I love the look of those accordion paper pinwheels as party decor and photo backdrops, and knew I had to make a spooky version for Halloween. That’s how these DIY paper spiderwebs were born! With just a few simple supplies and steps, you can make a boatload of these for your upcoming Halloween bash or turn your home into the neighborhood’s haunted house!

Supply List:

Black Scrapbook Paper (You will need two 12×12 inch sheets for each spiderweb)
Ruler and bone folder (Not required, but makes for easier folding!)
Embroidery floss or twine
Glue Stick
Binder clips or paper clips (To hold while glue dries)

To Make:

Take one sheet of paper and accordion fold it, in one-inch wide segments. I used a ruler and bone folder to make folding easier and to make sure my folds were even. Then fold each in half to get your middle marker. You will work on half of each accordion at a time. Cut a slight curve on one end of your accordion fold, starting about a half inch down on one side and cutting upwards to the opposite corner. Now carefully cut three rectangles out of the same side where you began your curve. The thicker your paper, the harder it will be to cut through all the layers but you can do it! Spiderwebs aren’t perfect, so your cuts don’t have to be either!

To complete the other end of your accordion fold, re-fold in half and carefully mark each cut you made. Now repeat the same steps as above.

Repeat all above steps for your second sheet of paper. Take both folded and cut sheets and tie them tightly together in the center with your floss or twine.

Use your glue stick to glue together the loose ends (you will glue in four places). Clip binder clips along each to hold in place while the glue dries. Once fully dry, unclip and make any touch ups if your cuts don’t perfectly align. Tie a piece of floss or fishing line to each to hang and add a few spider rings to give it the full effect!

Happy fall and Happy Halloween everyone!


Thank you Kelly!


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the really clear instructions, I will be making these with my girls this weekend!

    I have also shared this on my blog with a link back – I hope that’s ok

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