Before We Go…

This is how I tried to better my Friday morning. There have already been a handful of crying fits and stomping. I keep telling them it’s Friday, a happy day, but they don’t seem to get it. I need to look into stay-at-home mom personal days. I think I need one.

On a brighter note, the sun is shining and the scones were delicious.

Links to check:

Things for which I am thankful:

  • Snuggly, warm beds.
  • Laughing about nothing in particular. It feels good.
  • Hot tea. Not quite hot chocolate but it warmed the body.
  • All the ways we are able to stay in contact with the ones we love, wherever they may be.
  • This garland. It’s like my happy place for the time being.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Before We Go…

  1. Oh yes, the Fridays… we get a case of the Fridays _at least_ once a week ;-) Since two of ours are at school, come Friday, we bring everyone back into the fold, let frazzled nerves calm with some tea and cookies, order pizza, snuggle up tight, and watch a movie. It’s about all everyone can handle by the end of the week, and it gives us a nice start to the weekend.

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